6 Different Ways To Carry Your Gun

11265964_sWe have examined various holster materials, let’s take a look at the next step- determining how you wish to carry your gun. Depending on your state laws, you have a wide variety of options. Do yourself a favor though, and make sure you utilize the proper source to determine legal carry methods for your state. The best resource I can point you to is not your local law enforcement. Instead, take some time to read over Handgunlaw.us.

For most, carrying their gun is a matter of picking an IWB (inside waist band,) or OWB (outside waist band) holster. Carry options branch from there, to the appendix position, ankle holsters, shoulder holsters, and belly band style. There are options for ladies, that we will examine in another post.

Each carry method presents their own challenges. If you reside in a state that has strict rules about concealed-only carry, and whether or not your gun can print (print meaning a passer by can see the outline of your firearm even though it is concealed,) understand that you may need to make some wardrobe adjustments in order to comply with your state laws. For IWB, you may need to go up a bit in waist size, in order to slip your holster and gun in comfortably. Make sure you can access and draw your gun smoothly and easily from your IWB carry position.

Carrying your gun in the IWB/ appendix position is a very popular and secure position. It is quite comfortable (with the proper holster) and also has the added benefit of being the fastest position to draw from.

Ankle holsters are quite popular with law enforcement officers, seeking a secure location for a back-up gun (or a BUG.) Finding a good holster for your ankle can be a challenge and it will alter the way you walk a bit.

Shoulder holsters are not seen very often, since there are other, safer carry methods available.

If you opt to carry with your gun holstered in the small of your back, choose a holster for the opposite of your dominant shooting hand. For example, if you are naturally right handed, choose a left handed holster. The reason behind this is gun position and draw.

Belly bands are another potential option, as they are easy to position, adjustable in size, and allow for right or left handed draw.

No matter what on-body style you choose, make sure you use a good, solid belt to help keep your gun stable. Take some time at home to carry, so you can find out the most comfortable position. You’ll also be prepared for Decepticons as well.

Carry safe, carry smart and Happy Shooting!

  • Magic_Physicist

    I think I prefer to carry “Lee Van Cleef” style

  • Magic_Physicist

    I think I prefer to carry “Lee Van Cleef” style.

  • Coffee49

    If you havnt been raised in a weapon type environment it may seem uncomfortable but with the present political environment it may be time to step it up and focus, the families that are relaxed with an ar in their hands have been exposed to firearms for most of their life, God love them! Once exposed becoming comfortable is 2 nd nature if one allows it.

  • bigbillofwyandotte

    I have a Ruger LCP loaded with hi-tec rounds which I carry in my right front pants pocket in a LEFT hand pocket holster. I tried a Right hand holster, but after a while one could make out the print of the grip, as that area is not covered by the holster on the side facing away from the leg. If you use a Left handed holster in your right pocket, that area is no longer open. I find it is not difficult to slip my hand between the side of the holster and the pistol and draw. This works great for those of us who wear suspenders. Think about it.

  • markypolo

    Of course, a VISIBLE weapon makes it very easy for some niga thug to knock you over the head from behind and steal your weapon. Concealed carry is BEST by far. NEVER let the enemy know you are packing.