Cool New Tool Will Let You Shoot Inside All Day Long

If you’ve ever gone to the range, dropped a ton of cash and then walked out 30 minutes later for lack of bullets, this new system is for you.

As an indoor training system, iPTS gives you the realism of a handgun with heavy trigger pull with the instant feedback loop necessary to get better at shooting.

Now, going and shooting, then pulling the target forward and backward is not your only way to enhance your technique. You’ll get instant results with the target insert and the defense/tactical insert.

New pistol training system aims to boost dry fire practice at home (VIDEO)
4/03/17 | by Jacki Billings

The Interactive Pistol Training System, to be released in mid-April on Indiegogo, is the latest inert system launched for shooters seeking to train at home in lieu of the range.

The iPTS system is a rugged, electronic training aid built on a multi-system platform by Teksilon LLC. The system integrates the company’s iPTS 1700 training pistol, target and app into a complete training regimen for shooters.

The iPTS 1700 pistol utilizes proprietary sensor technology that measures movement of the pistol and relays pertinent information to shooters using the iPTS app. The pistol looks and feels like the real deal with features similar to most popular handguns. Equipped with a 5.5 pound trigger pull, the pistol boasts a functional, movable slide that activates training. The pistol offers tactile feedback in the way of sound and shaking with every shot. Charged via a micro-USB port, the pistol can fit in holsters designed for common pistols.

iPTS interactive target is easy to set up in the target frame by either mounting in a standard photo tripod or hanging the target on the wall. Battery-powered and rechargeable with an included AC adapter, the iPTS target ships with two foldable inserts — a defensive/tactical insert for evaluating speed and precision shooting and a bullseye target for improving overall accuracy.

Pulling all the components together is the iPTS Virtual Training App. The app, compatible with Apple and Android devices, uses step-by-step voice prompts to guide users. Based around the idea of personal instruction benefits, the app offers guidance on improving target acquisition, accuracy while also warning shooters when unsafe handing practices are present. In addition to voice and audio guidance, the app offers real-time visual feedback on shot placement for quick corrections. The iPTS app tracks, records, analyzes and stores pistol movement, placement and time between shots allowing users to improve shooting skills.

The iPTS system will launch April 15 on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Backers will benefit from the iPTS1700 kit which includes iPTS training pistol with two interchangeable magazines, iPTS target with reversible target insert, AC adapter/charger, USB cable and quick start guide for $599. It pays to be an early adopter, as Early Bird backers will receive the kit at a discounted price.

This is an interesting little invention. With a steep price tag on the front end and only one kind of grip, it might make sense to go with a laser system that fits your gun specifically. But if you do use this, it’s certainly better than bullets.

The funny thing about this is this: How did people get better at shooting before technology? Certainly, tech has its place, but at the heart of the matter is this is a dry fire system.

If you’re not committing to dry firing, you’re not going to get better, regardless of how much you spend.

And that’s why dry-firing is so important. It’s free and it instills discipline. Putting the time in when no one is watching will get you better regardless of your setup. You just have to properly trained. The iPTS gives a good way to get feedback about being accurate, but if you’re using poor form, you’re just making that permanent.

Get some good training under your belt and then dry fire-with or without tech to help you.