Long Range Ammunition

Did you know that the ammunition you use has a lot to do with your ability to shoot accurately? Throughout most of the community, long range is considered to be at least 500-600 yards out. This is where you begin to see all the variations in components of loading techniques that affect the bullet’s point of impact. Here are some ways to expand the consistency and accuracy in ammunition for long range shooting.

Powders & Primers
Propellants will also require testing to find the best results. Long range shooting demands the variation stay as low as possible, so keep in mind that finer-grained powders will typically meter the easiest. Weighing each charge by hand is a great habit to ensure consistency.

Consistency requires minimal temperature sensitivity. For those who anticipate shooting in different climate settings, single-base propellants (also known as nitrocellulose) will have less performance variation with temperature fluctuation when compared to double-base powders. Hodgdon and Vihtavuori 100 series are great examples of single-base powders.

Keep in mind, accuracy is more important than speed at long range. Don’t give up consistency to gain an extra 40 fps. You will have more accuracy with propellants with faster burn rates. As with projectiles and propellants, you’ll need to experiment with different primers. Avoid using magnum primers unless you’re shooting a magnum.

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