Why Aiming Is Actually Useless For Accuracy

Yup…you read that blog title correctly. It turns out that aiming may actually be completely useless from an accuracy standpoint.

Now many shooters will get their feathers ruffled at reading a statement like this. And that’s probably because they’ve learned their whole lives that aim is the most important skill when firing. Heck, shooting ranges and other firearm instructors can practically hold a class on aim alone.

And plus, when you think about it, it would seem that aim is the most important factor while shooting. After all, you want to make sure you hit your target, right? And to make sure you’re as accurate as possible, you should hold your aim for at least a few seconds to make sure you hit your mark.

However, this style of thinking is exactly what is holding many shooters back from greatness. In fact, many people could shoot with much more accuracy and efficiency if they could forget about aim altogether.

Sound crazy?

Before you write this article off, I suggest you watch the video below. In it, Rob Leatham will explain exactly why aiming is useless. He’ll also share three secrets to absolutely great shooting. Don’t knock it till you try it! You might end up adopting his philosophy!