The Body Armor Question No One Ever Asks

You may be familiar with a plate carrier. These incredible vests are able to protect some of your most vital organs in the line of fire. With front and back protection, many consider the plate carrier to be the ultimate body armor.

However, this handy invention has only recently been available for civilians to purchase. That’s because, up until now, it’s been strictly usable for our nation’s finest and our brave law enforcement But now, average Americans are able to purchase this vest in order to help protect themselves in a shooting.

However, there’s one question many don’t ask. And that’s “Is this body armor right for ME?” Sure, it’s a great product, but it isn’t cheap. And that’s why it’s important to question if purchasing this vest is the best choice for you and your family.

Here’s some information from Gun Buzz to get you thinking:

Here’s Why You Might Need A Plate Carrier

The most obvious reason for owning a plate carrier is for protection.

Sure, you might not be clearing rooms for a living, so the idea of spending a few hundred dollars on a plate carrier for protection might not seem reasonable.

That being said, many of you reading this have a gun because you understand the underpinnings of society are starting to snap. At any time, our civilization could come to a grinding halt, and our peaceful society could become violent.

Thus, the need for body armor exists.

Plate carriers give you the additional benefit of providing protection for some of your body’s most sensitive organs.

Most plate carriers today work with the most common kinds of body armor, and this body armor will help you take rounds and keep fighting. This is one of the most legitimate reasons to get a plate carrier.

Some of you reading this might think it’s a bit over the top. If you think that, consider this. You buy auto-insurance for the unlikely event your car will get damaged. So, if you’re buying guns and ammo for a collapse event, armor will be important.

You Can Use Them To Carry Extra Ammo

If you’re a shooter who enjoys shooting in various environments or are going out for the weekend to throw a few hundreds yards down range out in the woods, then a plate carrier gives you the ability to carry extra ammo with you.

Almost all plate carriers out there are MOLLE compatible, and MOLLE compatible plate carriers mean you can carry loads of ammo with you in a shooting situation.

While you can easily carry ammunition in magazines or ammo tins, a plate carrier lets you carry ammo with you for easy loading in training situations.

Some People Use Them For Training

One of the reasons plate carriers have become so popular is because they can be used in training environments.

One of the largest plate carrier companies on the market, 5.11 tactical, markets directly to people who participate in advanced fitness regimes. These people wear the plate carriers (loaded up with fake armor) to increase the demands of their fitness routine.

Likewise, people who are training for advanced tactical situations use their plate carriers to replicate the realities of combat. This is one of the best reasons to use a plate carrier as it helps amplify the “realness” of combat.

A plate carrier adds stress to the body (in the form of weight and breath restriction) and this helps the person wearing it deal with increased heart rates and reduced oxygen…similar to what would happen in a life or death gun fight.

Well there you have it – three solid reasons why you might want to purchase a plate carrier. These seem to be the main objectives for owning the vest.

However, when contemplating the purchase, it’s important to consider the cost. Remember, these vests are NOT cheap. So it’s important to make sure you’ll get the full use out of it.

Most people figure if they can make a good amount of use out of just one of the reasons above, it’s a justifiable purchase. And, based on reviews of the product, they seem to really be high-quality and effective.

Think about it, talk it over with the family, and decide if this protective vest is a justifiable purchase for you.