This State Thinks New Laws Will Stop Suicide By Gun

Suicide is an incredible problem that many states have been experiencing for quite some time. Unfortunately, it has been unclear as to what the best approach is to bring about a solution to this issue.

After all, people all over the nation commit suicide every single day. And the reasons for this are often varied. As a result, officials have been experiencing a very difficult time trying to find an appropriate and efficient solution.

However, the state of Massachusetts has an idea that could attempt to turn the tides on increasing suicide rates. And, if it works, this plan could show a decline in suicide rates almost immediately.

According to Bearing Arms:

In 2015, more than half of all gun-related deaths in Massachusetts were due to suicide. Because of that, legislators in Massachusetts are now considering a new set of gun control laws aimed at preventing suicides. The proposed bill, H.3801, would keep firearms away from those who are at a greater risk of self-harm. Doctors, police officers and family members would be able to determine how mentally fit the person is, which could remove firearms from his or her home.

Critics of the bill believe it would negatively impact law-abiding gun owners.

“Typically when you start removing constitutional rights, they’re done through felony convictions with evidence, not by third-party allegations with very little evidence. I’d ask you to take a really close look at this legislation, it’s flawed and creates many constitutional implications,” Jim Hohenwarter of the National Rifle Association told legislators in Boston. “Massachusetts already has a number of different mechanisms to remove firearms from individuals in appropriate cases, most through what we would say is a due-process-type system. This bill creates an incredibly different third-party allegation — it requires immediate surrender.”

However, there are some parties that will quickly approve of the bill. For instance, those who have lost a parent or child to suicide understand the horrors, heartbreak, and devastation that can arise from this. It is likely that people in this situation will be happy for the bill, and will feel that taking away a gun can be the first step toward helping them to heal.

After all, many family members and friends often wish they could have done something to prevent the suicide from occurring. The passing of this bill may be the friends’/family members’ way of “giving back” to help other people dealing with similar struggles.