Daniel Defense Exciting Integrally Suppressed AR-15

Daniel Defense has a brand new firearm that’s officially on the market. And it’s making all the other firearms jealous.

The new model everyone’s raving about is the brand new DDM4 ISR Gen2. It uses 300 Blackout cartridges, which makes it extra awesome, since these are arguably the hottest ones on the market right now.

The Gen2 contains a 9 inch barrel and a permanent, internal suppressor. This is a shooter’s dream come true, since they never have to worry about losing their hearing when firing it.

Not to mention, the Gen2 only requires one NFA stamp. This makes the process of obtaining it substantially easier.

That’s not all – far from it, actually. According to Tactical Life:

At the heart of the rifle is the DDM4 in 300 BLK, a gas-operated, beyond-mil-spec rifle with a flared magazine well, a custom Daniel Defense grip, a high-end Daniel Defense collapsible stock and a rifle-length KeyMod forearm concealing the integral stainless steel suppressor (which has a salt-bath-nitride finish for durability and low visibility). The chrome-moly, 9-inch-long barrel has a nitride finish and uses a pistol-length gas system.

With subsonic rounds, the total report is around 130 decibels, a significant decrease from unsuppressed operation. You can service the suppressor’s baffles via the removable end cap. As of April 2016, the top-notch DDM4 ISR Gen2 will be available in multiple Cerakote finishes.

However, that’s not even the best part. Something shooters will really love about this firearm is that you can shoot steel targets at close range. Now most people will immediately say, “How is that possible? It’s a rifle!”

Well, the beauty of this firearm is that it fires subsonic ammunition (at 130 decibels, to be exact). Subsonic means “slower than the speed of sound,” and eliminates the “crack” from the bullet.

This makes the power and force behind the Gen2 more like a handgun, and thus allows you to shoot at steel targets at a closer distance.

Now the next step is to see this firearm up close. Take a look at the picture and video below to see this incredible rifle.

Picture courtesy of Daniel Defense