See How This Glove Turns A Rifle Into a Machine Gun

Most of us are at least aware that shooting gloves exist. Many shooters believe these are strictly for military or law enforcement use. However, they are actually for civilian use as well. In fact, many shooters find these gloves to be incredibly useful, as they help prevent your hands from getting too cold or frostbitten in extremely low temperatures.

However, what you’re about to witness is no ordinary shooting glove. Now that’s not to say that the average shooting gloves aren’t worth having, or are “sub-par” in any way.

But most people will have to admit that they’ve seen NOTHING like this kind before.

Meet the AutoGlove. This pair of heavy-duty, somewhat intimidating pair of gloves is so much more than meets the eye. And that’s because it has the capability to transform any rifle into a full-on machine gun.

The AutoGlove is known as a “trigger action device.” However, a huge benefit is that it does all the work, and requires the shooter to make ZERO CHANGES to their existing firearm. This is a huge plus, since the shooter can use the gloves on any rifle, and won’t have to sacrifice more money or time altering their rifles.

But there’s more. Thanks to the AutoGlove’s battery pack, the shooter can attach it to their forearm or waist and manipulate the trigger at a variety of speeds. These speed options include single, three-round, and continuous fire. However, shooters will need to prepare themselves if the choose the continuous fire. In this setting, the AutoGlove forces the rifle to fire over 1,000 rounds a minute!

Shooters will love using the AutoGlove to transform their ordinary, everyday rifles into a full-auto with just the pull of a trigger.

Check out the video below to see how the AutoGlove works, and to see it in action.