Bad News For SilencerCo and Their 50-State Legal Suppressed Gun

SilencerCo is having a bad week. The suppressor company just came out with its 50-state legal direct-ship muzzleloader suppressor a few days ago. And hopes were high that this suppressor would finally offer a solution to consumers in California, New York, and Illinois.

After all, citizens have these states know full-well the the non-law enforcement use of suppressors on Title I firearms is illegal. However, SilencerCo was confident that their new product would work around this legislation, so that their suppressors could finally get in the hands of citizens from these states.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. And SilencerCo is now having to suspend its sales in all three states, thanks to concerns over legality.

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In a statement emailed to, the SilencerCo said the company received “several immediate legal challenges” on the Maxim 50 from California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, resulting in the decision in an abundance of caution to refund orders already placed from those states and halt further sales to the affected areas pending more research.

“These three states have rules that are not entirely clear with respect to firearms and silencers and antique firearms, and it is relevant to point out that no states contemplated a product of this sort in their laws,” said the company, going on to say they have “no desire to place any consumer in a situation where they may get arrested and charged with a felony because their state defines a firearm differently than the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”

Released Tuesday in a social media blitz, the .50 caliber muzzleloader with its permanently attached suppressor was determined by the ATF to be compliant with National Firearms Act regulations.

Shortly after the announcement, Evan Nappen, a New Jersey attorney specializing in Second Amendment cases, told the Maxim 50 may land some in trouble in the Garden State. Under New Jersey’s strict gun laws, many have found themselves facing lengthy prison terms for such seemingly innocuous items as antique flintlocks and even BB guns.

“Muzzleloaders are firearms in New Jersey,” said Nappen. “A silencer for a muzzleloader would be prohibited and a possessor would face 18 months in State Prison and if convicted, would lose their gun rights for the entire U.S.”

There’s no doubt about it – SilencerCo’s newest suppressor is in the midst of substantial controversy. The company made a statement explaining that they asked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to give them a determination on the Maxim 50 to ensure it was in compliance with federal law.

However, the company did not make an inquiry with each state’s government, and did not want to risk the possibility of new state-level legislations passing before the launch of the suppressor.

Despite this setback, the Maxim 50 is still available for purchase in all 47 other states. They also have a notice on their social media pages, saying they will update the citizens of California, New York, and Illinois as things progress.