DOJ declines to charge officer in fatal shooting

The Justice Department will not pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against an Alabama police officer for the shooting death last summer of an armed teenager during a traffic stop.

In a press release Thursday, the agency announced it’s closing the investigation into the death of 19-year-old Michael Moore on June 13 of last year.

“Officials from the Civil Rights Division, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Alabama, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation spoke today with representatives of the Moore family to inform them of this determination,” said the press release.

According to reports, Mobile Police Officer Harold Hurst pulled Moore and two passengers over after he made an erratic turn last June. Moore didn’t have a driver’s license on him, but provided Hurst with a license number. When Hurst ran that number through his system, he found that Moore had provided a fake driver’s license number. He also discovered that Moore was driving a stolen car.

Hurst asked Moore to step out of the vehicle, and Moore complied. There are several conflicting eyewitness accounts about what happened next, but many of the witnesses contend they saw Moore with a gun prior to the shooting. According to Hurst, Moore had a cell phone in his hand when he got out of the car. Hurst told him to put the phone down, and he did. That’s when Hurst saw the gun in Moore’s waistband.

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