How to Make Your Very Own Survival Shotgun

It’s no surprise to hear that the prices of firearms aren’t going to drastically decline anytime soon.

Sure, external factors can certainly play a part in the price-setting of certain firearms. For example, the recent presidential election was one of the primary causes for the steep incline (and then decline) of demand for rifles and guns.

However, overall, the prices for firearms (as well as many other products) are only likely to go up from here.

As a result, many firearm lovers wonder how they can take part in their favorite pastime for less. And that’s where one brave citizen came up with the homemade survival shotgun.

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Constructed by AK Custom, the build is pretty straightforward and accomplished with a few hand tools, a welding machine, and a tabletop vise. The NFA-compliant garage gun is a hybrid slam-fire design that incorporates a hammer and trigger, providing more control than a Philippine guerrilla gun.

It’s also got some bonuses. The paracord-wrapped grip has a storage compartment while the skeleton wire stock holds spare shells. Best yet, the wooden forearm hides a pair of last-ditch knives for those stabby moments. What’s not to like?

Now many shooters will probably be skeptical when they get a chance to see this firearm up close. And that’s because the design is…well..inventive. However, it was made for the primary purpose of survival. Which means all bets are off – especially when it comes to a nationwide emergency.

There’s no doubt about it – this firearm is definitely one of a kind. However, when you assess all the nifty features this firearm can provide, it really shows its usefulness if you find yourself in a life or death situation. When you need something quick and dirty (not to mention functional) you’ll be turning to this shotgun.

Here’s a video that’ll give a visual of the firearm, as well as the process of making it. Enjoy.