Cheap Accessory Protects Expensive Gun Lights

One of the biggest pains shooters experience is having to replace their expensive gun lights. Thankfully, the company Thyrm is coming out with a new product that will help prevent shooters from shelling out the big bucks for this costly firearm accessory.

The new product, known as CLENS, has one sole purpose: to protect flashlight lenses when shooters mount them on their firearms and go out on long shooting sessions.

CLENS does this by providing a clear, heat-resistant polymer circle, which attaches to the lens of a flashlight. This circle protects the light from collecting carbon, dust and debris during long training sessions.

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Extended exposure to carbon can permanently damage or discolor lenses, causing some shooters to apply Vaseline before a shooting excursion and spend time cleaning lights after shooting in order to preserve the lens. CLENS simply attaches directly to the lens, covering it from contact with debris.

The circles feature a mild adhesive backing with a higher affinity for polymer than glass, enabling it to easily attach and position on the lens without leaving sticking adhesive residue. The system is removed instantly, providing a clear lens and maximum brightness.

“Our mission is to produce innovative products that address our customer’s needs. Like the SwitchBack and CellVault, the CLENS improves the function of flashlights and weapon lights. There is nothing like it,” said Thyrm CEO Andrew Frazier in a press release.

The CLENS product is the result of a collaboration between the companies Thyrm and Sage Instruments. It comes in three different sizes, in order to fit a large variety of both flashlight and weapon lenses

The inspiration for the CLENS system came when the producers noticed how much a light’s output would degrade when progressing into low-light settings. Attempting to clean the clens took a while to do, and it didn’t seem to ever become fully clean. This tedious process caused the shooter to waste precious time – time they may or may not be able to afford. The CLENS system is now the solution to this issue.

The CLENS product is now available from Thyrm at $8.99.