New Study Proves How Useless Gun Laws Are

One of the loudest and most obnoxious claims that anti-gun leftists make is that more background checks equals less crime and mass shootings. Furthermore, they claim that the more gun laws are in place, the safer civilians are.

Unfortunately, the infamous Las Vegas shooting proves that these things are not enough to keep evil at bay. In this scenario, you have a man with clear background checks and seemingly sane mind firing into a huge concert crowd in Las Vegas.

Since the shooting, leftists have been pushing for new, stricter gun laws. Meanwhile, Congress has been shooting down pro-gun packages right and left.

But here’s the kicker: despite all the challenges leftists are posing that lax gun laws are the culprit for gun crime, the data simply can not prove this to be true.

According to Gun Buzz:

Recently collected evidence illustrates that many of the left’s favorite mechanisms for enforcing gun control (expanded background checks) are meaningless and ineffective.

If this report were to go public in the mainstream it would be very bad news for the gun-grabbers.

That’s because stricter background checks seem to have “little to no effect on the number of background checks conducted for gun sales” reports.

Ironically, the study was conducted by experts in gun violence at the Center for Gun Policy and Research and the Violence Prevention Research Program.

Their aim in this recent study was to see how expanded background check laws resulted in more background checks overall. The working theory is if more background checks were in place it would discourage people from buying as many guns.

When studying the effects in two states (Washington and Colorado), they noted the expanded background checks didn’t do much at all to drive people away from buying more guns.

As reports:

The results, published in the medical journal Injury Prevention, show that no overall changes were found in Washington and Colorado. However, Delaware did see an increase in background checks conducted, which ranged from 22 to 34 percent depending on the type of firearm.

The researchers did note that external data showed Washington had a small increase in background checks for private party gun sales, and Colorado had a similarly small increase in background checks conducted for sales not held at gun shows.

“These aren’t the results I hoped to see. I hoped to see an effect. But it’s much more important to see what’s actually happened,” Garen Wintemute, a University of California Davis emergency room physician and main author on the study, told The Guardian.

Once experts came to realize this information, it became very clear that the amount of background checks didn’t change. Rather, those selling guns were being noncompliant.

This conclusion came from two different circumstances. One being the “I will not comply” rally in Washington. This was following the passing of a law in 2014, widening background checks to all transfers and private sales.

The second being a group of Colorado sheriffs, protesting this, and saying they would now and could not make enforcement of these new background checks a priority.

Despite these setbacks, anti-gun leftists still continue to believe that the simple remedy for this problem is more enforcement. However, they refuse to believe the recent studies coming out, which prove that background checks do extremely little in order to prevent crimes with guns.

As Gun Buzz states:

“If I’m an advocate pushing for one of these laws, [I would ask]: ‘What can I do to maximize the opportunities for enforcement?” Wintemute said. “Does that mean funding for law enforcement, for augmenting the activities of an enforcement unit…[we should] assertively remind private party sellers that background checks on their buyers is required, and that not having that background check done is a crime, and it potentially exposes them to a much more serious risk if a crime is committed with that gun.”

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