Students Skip School Over Teacher’s Extreme Facebook Post

Some 60 students in a suburban Pittsburgh elementary school stayed home or left early last week after a teacher’s social media post about buying a gun alarmed district officials.

Brentwood School District Superintendent Amy Burch told KDKA in a statement Friday the investigation continues into the circumstances surrounding a Moore Elementary staffer’s Facebook status that read “I’m going shopping sat. Who wants to go. I’m buying a gun. Watch out world. Hahahaha.”

“You will be kept apprised as circumstances warrant,” she said. “Rest assured, the district takes these types of situations very seriously and remains committed to the safety of our students and staff as our first priority.”

As a precaution, students stayed inside Friday during recess, Burch said. A rescheduled field trip for kindergartners went ahead as planned, however, with a police escort in tow.

“We assure you the district safety plan was followed,” she said. “The appropriate borough authorities were notified and the director of School Police and the Superintendent reported to Moore to assist the Moore School Principal as students entered the building.”

The district hasn’t released the name of the teacher, so far, or what repercussions she will face for posting the message.