Use the Dot Torture Test For Improved Accuracy

Think you have incredible accuracy? Most shooters do. However, unfortunately many of them can’t pass the torturous dot test to prove their skills. Sure, they may hang up any old target and have a go at it. But what they fail to do is to conduct a quality and consistent training schedule and routine.

The Dot Test, brought to you by Lucky Gunner, is an accuracy performance test that you can conduct on an outdoor range.

These tricky yet effective shooting drills can help you drastically increase your mental discipline. It also helps you focus on your trigger control, since you’re constantly moving away from the target.

According to Gun Buzz:

A Dot Torture Test target looks like this.

Each circle on the target is 2” in diameter. The target has 10 circles on it overall.

Here’s how you progress through the drill.

Step 1 – Start about 3 yards from the target.

Step 2 –  Ideally draw from your holster and then fire 5, smooth and controlled shots at Dot 1. Don’t rush this, you’re trying to be as accurate as possible.

Step 3  –  Move to dot 2 and then draw and fire just 1 round. After you’ve fired the round reholster and then repeat the process for a total of 5 rounds on target.

Step 4 –  Here you’ll split your attention between dots 3 and 4. Draw your weapon and fire 1 round at dot 3 and then fire 1 round at dot 4.

You’ll do this 4 separate times (meaning you’ll fire 8 total rounds). repetitions totaling 8 rounds.

Step 5 –  Here you’ll shoot one hand, your strong hand. Draw your weapon (with your dominant hand) and then fire 5 rounds at Dot 5.

Step 6 – Get ready for a lot of shooting here. Focusing on dots 6 and 7 you’ll draw your weapon and fire 2 rounds at dot 6 then quickly move to dot 7 and fire 2 more rounds.

Reholster and then repeat another 3 times for a total of 16 rounds fired.

Step 7 – Another one-handed draw, this time with your weak hand, you’ll start in a low ready position and fire 5 rounds at dot 8 using your weak hand.

(note, if you’re drawing from the holster here and your holster’s on the opposite of your body you may want to manipulate holster position to make this safer).

Step 8 – Focusing on dots 9 &10 you’ll fire one round into dot 9 and then drop the magazine and perform a speed reload and put another round on dot 10. Do this 3 times for a total of 6 rounds on target.

Here’s a video showing you this works:

Believe it or not, this is all you need to do in order to perform and complete the Dot Torture Test. And while it seems simple, there’s actually a pretty genius method and reasoning behind it. Heck, even Citizens Defense Research is backing it up as an extremely helpful drill.

The main purpose of these exercises is to hone mental discipline and increase the shooter’s trigger control. But this is done through a variety of exercises, including shooting at many targets, conducting strong-hand only and weak-hand-only shooting, and drawing and firing at various times.

The fact there there’s no time limit also helps the shooter to really focus on improving these skills and making them clean. Then, when they’re ready, they can move further away from the target and do it all again.

That way, when they’re under fire or in another emergency, they can shoot cleanly and confidently without questioning themselves.