Brave Man Shoots Back At Texas Shooter

Another shooting occurred this past Sunday in a small town called Sutherland Springs in Texas. A 26-year-old gunman ran into First Baptist Church, and opened fire, spraying the congregation with bullets.
Luckily, there were two members of the community that took action in preventing the shooter from causing even more deaths. One of them began engaging the shooter with his own firearm. Then, the two men got into a truck and began chasing after the shooter as he ceased fire and ran to his vehicle, speeding off into the distance.
A car chase then ensued, as the two vehicles were reaching up to 95 miles per hour until the shooter lost control of his vehicle and drove off the road.
Johnnie Langendorff is one of the two men that helped prevent further casualties in the incident. As The Truth About Guns states:

According to, locals who witnessed the shooting this morning in Sutherland Springs, Texas returned fire at the gunman and followed as he tried to escape.

Summer Caddel said her boyfriend, Johnnie Langendorff, called her moments after the shooting at First Baptist Church and told her that he saw a gunfight between the shooter and a neighbor, who was returning fire.

Langendorff then told Caddel the suspect — who has not been publicly identified — then got into an SUV and drove away, and the two gave chase.

Langendorff apparently chased the shooter down while on the phone with a 911 operator until the shooter’s SUV crashed.

The shooter was killed after a brief chase north into neighboring Guadalupe County, according to Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Robert Murphy. It is unclear if the shooter was killed by police or took his own life, Murphy said.

Law enforcement were able to identify the shooter as Devin Patrick Kelley – a 26-year old man from Texas. Kelley had a history of various domestic problems, and had been expressing anger toward his mother-in-law before the shooting occurred. He had also been sending her threatening text messages leading up to the massacre.

His mother-in-law attends the church that Kelley opened fire at. Thankfully, Kelley’s mother-in-law was not present when Kelley came to the church on Sunday. However, his grandmother-in-law was there and died in the incident, as did 26 other people in the church’s congregation. The ages of the casualties ranged from 17 months to 77 years.

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