New MicroDot From Primary Arms Stuns

Primary Arms already has a stellar reputation for its magnificent scopes and accessories. Their products have set them apart for years, and customers continue to use them again and again for their exceptional quality.

More specifically, the company does a fantastic job producing their solid red dots, and selling them at a reasonable price.

Well, the exciting news is their product line in this area is expanding, bringing in a brand new device that’ll blow you away: the new MD-RB-AD.

According to The Truth About Guns:

In a recent e-mail blast, they’ve announced the new MD-RB-AD (microdot, removable base, advanced). It’s a compact optic with a 2 MOA dot, removable T1/H1-compatible base, rotary brightness adjustment knob, 50,000 hours battery life, IP57 waterproof rating, and a lifetime warranty. All for $149.99, which ain’t so bad at all. More photos follow, and details are available on the MD-RB-AD product page here.

Here are some pictures of the MD-RB-AD, courtesy of The Truth About Guns site. Check them out:

Picture courtesy of The Truth About Guns
Picture courtesy of The Truth About Guns









Picture courtesy of The Truth About Guns




Picture courtesy of The Truth About Gun
















The MD-RB-AD can be useful for both a rifle and a pistol (but especially a rifle). However, due to its size and weight it works best with a fixed top rail, such as a Mark IV pistol. R

This advanced micro dot optic has a dust rating of 5, and a water rating of 7. It also features 50,000 hours of battery life, as well as a lifetime warranty.

When it comes down to it, the Primary Arms MD-RB-AD will likely become the optic of choice for all competent rifle and pistol shooters.

Here’s a super short promotional video showing you this amazingly small, yet incredibly powerful micro dot in action: