Should You Expect An Assault Rifle Ban In This State?

Bad news for Washington – the state’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, is planning on issuing a ban on all assault weapons for the entire state. Ferguson is also wanting another big push on the prohibition of all high-capacity magazines.

Ferguson made a similar attempt back in 2016; however, he is adamant that this legislation will succeed. This new legislation will banish the sales of any/all assault-rifles, and will limit magazines to a 10-round maximum capacity.

Ferguson claims that he is acting on behalf of the safety of Washington, and that it is his responsibility to help protect the public. According to

…Ferguson requested legislation that largely mirrored California’s long-standing assault weapon ban enacted in 1989 and enhanced several times over the years. The resulting bills, SB 5050 and HB 3087, never made it out of committee.

To show Ferguson’s intensity toward this cause, he delivered a 26-page report announcing adjustments that policymakers should consider regarding access to firearms in the state of Washington.

Ferguson says he also wants to see progress toward a complete and total ban on all bump stocks. He also wishes to increase the state’s minimum age for gun purchasers to 21 years.

Ferguson’s motivations also seem to stem from the inconsistencies of Washington’s gun laws. For instance, he states that an 18-year-old in Washington can walk into a sporting goods store and purchase an assault rifle. Meanwhile, a 21-year-old must sit through a waiting period in order to purchase a handgun.