This Glock Folds in Half

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Full Conceal now shipping their M3 foldable Glock 19 (VIDEO) 2
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Full Conceal now shipping their M3 foldable Glock 19 (VIDEO) 3
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It’s official: Full Conceal came out with a brand new and efficient way to hide a Glock.

Rather than deal with the bulk and unyielding structure of this incredibly popular gun, Full Conceal finds a way to make the firearm foldable, allowing it to be much more compact and efficient for those participating in concealed carry.

And, the best news yet is that it’s now shipping to dealers.

The smart-looking M3 has been popping up at numerous trade shows this year, and has been catching the eyes of passersby with its sleek design and compact fit.

The current price of the polymer-framed pistol is $1,399, and the Glock has been generating lots of interest on social media as of late.

The M3 is so compact that it is a mere 3.6 inches high when the user folds it in half. It utilizes a Magpul PMAG GL9 magazine, which holds a maximum of 21 rounds at a time.

Better yet, the firearm has a folding trigger safety. This allows the user to carry the gun fully loaded in their pocket, even with a round in the chamber, without worry of it going off accidentally.

The best part about the M3, though, is how seamless it is to assemble, shoot, and disassemble. Take a look: