Cheap Solution To Make Shooting AR-15s Cheaper

Tactical Solutions has done it again, offering a brand new combo kit. Its purpose, you ask? To convert an AR-15 upper to a .22 LR. The kit is known as the AR-LT Bolt and Barrel Combo, and it’s sure to make AR-lovers everywhere extremely happy.

This type of product is brand new for the company; previously, they have only been able to provide an AR-LT setup in a complete rifle assembly.

The combo features a featherweight build, enabling AR fans to hone their skills without forcing them to spend lots of money on centerfire ammo.

The AR-LT is threaded, featuring a 0.92-inch diameter barrel made of aluminum and 1/2×28 pitch. The combo is made to cooperate with almost any standard AR-15 upper and handguards, and includes a bolt assembly made of stainless steel.

Up until now, Tactical Solutions has been successfully selling its .22 long rifle AR Bolt and AR-LT Barrel in a complete upper assembly.

However, Tactical Solutions is extremely proud to finally be able to offer its customers a brand new combo package option, which allows them more flexibility when building their own rifles.

The AR-LT Bolt and Barrel Combo is now available through Tactical Solutions, as well as RSR Distributors.