Magpul Releases Groundbreaking New Glock Accessory

Picture courtesy of Gun Buzz

Seems like perfect timing that, just as Christmas rolls around, Magpul introduces a brand new Glock accessory to wow gun lovers everywhere.

Announcing the company’s newest product: enhanced Glock magazine wells, compatible with a multitude of Glocks, such as the 17 and 19.

The beauty of these new wells is they prevent shooters from experiencing the frustration that can come with inserting either standard and GL-9 magazines into the standard magwell. This process can sometimes be difficult to do, and is becoming a point of dissatisfaction for many shooters.

Reloading into a standard magwell can also be extremely difficult to deal with if you find yourself in a tense, high-pressure situation, where timing is crucial and every second counts.

However, Magpul’s newest wells completely bypass all these complications, making it easier for Glock lovers to load and unload under ANY condition without frustration or hassle. According to a press release on regarding the new wells:

The company, with its headquarters in Texas, advises the wells are designed to “fully enhance and ensure positive magazine insertion in high-stress scenarios” while printing minimally in a concealed carry situation and providing “positive and flawless removal of a faulty or stuck magazine during reloading or immediate action events.”

They do warn that, while the work with both Magpul’s GL9 magazines and Glock factory magazines with factory baseplates, some aftermarket combinations and magazines more than 10 years old may not jive.

With so many Glock owners and lovers in the world, it’s easy to see how this exciting new product will take these popular firearms to a whole new level.

Even shooters with an older version of the Glock will appreciate its ability to give them smoother, faster reloads every single time.

Check out the video below to learn all about this awesome new gun accessory.