New Tracer Round Blows Minds (And Not Wallets)

Ammo Incorporated, the company that brought you Jesse James ammo, is now releasing information to the public about a brand new type of ammunition it’s producing. The new product’s official name is Streak Visual Ammunition.

Although typical tracers use incendiaries to create a visual aspect to shooting, the Streak Visual Ammo is quite different. Rather, they make use of a non-flammable phosphor that will light up the shooter’s target practice.

According to Ammo Incorporated, the light that emanates from the round’s discharge will create a glow that shooters can visually track upon firing.

The phosphorous material at the end of the projectile provides the shooter (and anyone within 30 degrees of the shot) to be able to see the round’s bright red or green trail.

Interestingly, the glow coming off the round is not heat producing. The company claims that this makes the ammo much safer to use in less-than-ideal situations.

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“We are beyond excited to bring Streak Visual Ammunition to the market,” said AMMO, Inc.’s CEO, Fred Wagenhals in a statement. “Once you shoot with Streak and you can actually see your projectile travel throughout its path, you will be bored by shooting normal ammunition.”

Customers can now purchase Streak Visual Ammunition in .40 S&W, .45 ACP and in 9mm. For now, these are the current offerings. However, Ammo Incorporated states that hollow point options and expanded calibers are set to become available sometime in the future.

For now, Streak Visual Ammo’s current price is $11.99.

Here’s a video showing how the Streak works: