These Integrally Suppressed AR-15s Are Straight From Heaven

Most every shooter loves using a suppressor on an AR-15. And when you think about it, it makes sense. These incredibly additions to your firearm can reduce the sound of every single shot by up to 30 decibels. This means you can use it while hunting or getting in some target practice without having to wear ear protection.

Not to mention, these impressive pieces of gear increase your accuracy and allow you to fire rounds faster. These factors alone make many shooters reach for their wallet.

And, of course, they look really cool. So there’s that.

And, while suppressors in general have AR-lovers everywhere swooning, there’s three in particular that are extra impressive.

According to Gun Buzz:

Witt Machine Integrally Suppressed AR-15 Upper in .223/5.56 Caliber

The first thing to be said about this suppressor is it’s available in several other calibers, including .300 blackout, .308, and .458 SoCom.

The other thing to note about this model is it’s not the most tactical of the bunch. The handguard on here lacks KeyMod, M-Lok, or Picatinny rail mounts. That means adding accessories will be difficuly if not impossible,

But at a price of $1,499 it’s a great deal.

Here’s what the company says about their gun.

This is the NEW Integrally Suppressed 5.56 NATO AR Upper design by Witt Machine & Tool. Ready for transfer to your local Class 3 dealer. This is the quietest, shortest, affordable suppressed 5.56 NATO that you can own with one tax stamp.

You will enjoy the 16″ overall legal rifle barrel length, that is a COMPLETE upper (Included: Handguard, Charging Handle, Nickel Boron BCG) and ready to pin to any existing AR you already own. Lightweight, Compact, and quick to maneuver in any situation from hunting to home defense. PERFECT for Law Enforcement and Military Tactical needs (Contact Dealer Sales for Details)

Stainless Steel Monocore Design with Titanium Suppressor Parts on Barrel
16″ fixed & suppressed barrel length
Mil Spec Upper Receiver w/ Fwd Assist
Witt Machine Reverse Two Piece Adjustable Gas Block
Nickel Boron Treated BCG
Charging Handle
Hex Handguard
Barrel Sleeve Available in: Polished Titanium, High Temp Graphite Black, or FDE Cerakote.
Weight: Upper weighs 4.4 lbs.
Extremely quiet with NO gas blow back typical of other suppressed designs
No added length to barrel – it’s 16″
No change in POI or accuracy after servicing/cleaning
User serviceable titanium construction
Unsurpassed Cooling Rate compared to conventional cans

M4E1-SD Dedicated Suppressed Upper Receiver

This amazing gun is a collaboration between Gemtech, Aero Precision as well as SilencerCo.

Definitely on the higher end, both performance wise and price wise, this amazing upper gives you great sound reduction while combining everything into a nice, compact package.
Their website says the following.

Upper Receiver and Handguard
The M4E1-SD starts with the Aero Precision M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver, which features custom M4E1-SD designation engraving. This upper receiver is paired with an Aero Precision 9″ Enhanced KeyMod Handguard. This handguard features a 1.8″ inside diameter to accommodate suppressors and allows for accessories around the suppressor.

Ballistic Advantage Barrel
This complete upper receiver features a Ballistic Advantage 7.5″ .300 Blackout BA Hanson Premium Series Barrel. This stainless steel barrel has been specifically crafted for the M4E1-SD with a gas port that is drilled to allow for dedicated suppressed use and a pinned low profile gas block. The BA Hanson Profile is made specifically to its length and caliber, yielding the best results with every aspect taken in to consideration. This shoulderless design harnesses the bullet’s energy more efficiently while limiting felt recoil, a perfect combination for this dedicated suppressed upper receiver.

SilencerCo Omega Suppressor
The SilencerCo Omega is rated for everything from 5.7mm to .300 Win Mag and is the shortest, lightest, quietest, most versatile silencer from SilencerCo. Made from titanium, stainless steel and Stellite™. This version comes with the 5/8×24 direct thread mount and flat endcap, but it will work with all SilencerCO Omega accessories.

The Daniel Defense ISR DDM4

The Daniel Defense ISR DDM4 does something never before seen.

It combines a world class AR-15 upper with Daniel Defense’s brand new, 3-d printed suppressor into one cohesive upper.

Coming from one of the top brands in the world, this combo will take a licking and keeping on ticking.

Available in 300 blackout it’s one of the top integrally suppressed ARs you could ever own.

The Daniel Defense DDM4ISR is our Integrally Suppressed Weapon System optimized for the .300 Blackout cartridge. Built around a 9″, Cold Hammer Forged barrel that is fluted along with a target crown and a standard pistol-length gas system, this versatile, high-performance rifle is the complete package, accurately delivering both subsonic and supersonic projectiles downrange with unrelenting reliability. Because the suppressor is an integral part of the barrel, this weapon system is ready for service right out of the box. There’s no attaching a suppressor and wondering if it’s mounted correctly and/or properly aligned. There’s no re-zeroing for suppressed vs. unsuppressed fire.

The DDM4ISR’s integral suppressor extends the barrel to an NFA-required 16 inches in length, so this platform is not classified as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) and therefore only requires a single tax stamp (for the suppressor). The suppressor’s lightweight outer tube is constructed of durable, heat-resistant metal alloys and coated with a protective high-temperature Cerakote-C finish, which is able of withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh environments. The suppressor is also user-serviceable, so its baffle core can be easily removed for periodic cleaning in order to maintain peak performance.

The DDM4ISR comes standard with Daniel Defense’s MFR XL 15.0 modular handguard, which features a continuous 1913 Picatinny rail on its top, for the mounting of iron sights or optics, and Keymod attachment points on the sides and bottom. This longer, multi-functional handguard, in conjunction with a Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol Grip, make the DDM4ISR as ergonomic and maneuverable as it is versatile. A resilient, attractive Mil Spec + Cerakote finish not only protects this weapon system from the elements, it also adds to its overall aesthetics—so while you’re sending rounds down range; you’ll also turn a few heads.

Suppressors are some of the best investments a shooter can make for his or her AR-15. However, it’s important to recognize the problems that shooters may encounter while using a traditional suppressor.

For one, they can make your gun harder to deal with. For instance, if your gun has a 16 inch barrel, a suppressor elongates this by an additional 3 to 7 inches.

Second, these suppressors can get a bit pricey. A can alone can add up to about $1,200 – and that’s in addition to the cost of the upper receiver.

Not to mention, most shooters don’t want to pay for multiple tax stamps (an unfortunate reality of traditional suppressors).

Luckily, the above suppressors surpass these problems since the uppers include the suppressor. Some even allow the shooter to tun a short barrel while using the suppressor – all while avoiding the ridiculousness of purchasing multiple tax stamps.

When it comes down to it, the three integral suppressors above are the perfect item for any AR shooter to invest in.