Video – Check Out the World’s Largest Machine Gun Shoot

Not even 30 days after the horrific Las Vegas shooting took place, two more machine gun shoots took place in the U.S. And these two events were the biggest events in the world.

The Knob Creek Range in Kentucky and the Big Sandy range in Arizona were hosts to this year’s events.

Hundreds of fully automatic machine guns (and a few dozen artillery guns) were firing over two million rounds between the two events. Smoke and thunder was filling the air, clouding the vision of the people attending.

Unlike other events involving machine guns, however, there are no injuries in sight.

People from all over the world fly to attend these shows. The big perk? They get to rent machine guns that blow things to smithereens.

Very few countries nowadays will let let their citizens own artillery and machine guns. This unique opportunity comes as an American pastime.

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I spoke to a few spectators and organizers at both events about this unique right.

Jakob Lefevre, a spectator from Belgium attending the Big Sandy shoot, told me: “There’s a few countries in Europe where people still actually have the right to keep and bear arms. Where I live in Belgium, it’s more like a priviledge. You gotta jump through a lot of hoops before you’re actually allowed to own any type of firearm.”

Mal Gregg, a spectator from Australia, who included the Big Sandy shoot on a road trip across the US with his two sons, said: “The rules are way more strict in Australia. They want to get rid of all of our guns. And I say to you guys in the US, you know like, if you can keep this, just go for your life. Don’t let them take your guns.”

At the Knob Creek shoot, a spectator named Olaf from the Netherlands, responded to me asking him if there are machine gun shoots in his country. “No, we cannot do that at home. It’s not allowed. There are no automatic guns allowed. Government regulations.”

The organizers of these events are extremely passionate about what they do and why. For instance, Kenton Tucker – an organizer of the event at the Big Sandy range in Arizona – believes that “anti-gunners” will always be attempting to take your guns away from you.

He explains that these attempts are dangerous, because Tucker believes if he loses a right to something, there will never be another opportunity to legally get it back.

In addition, the passing of more and more gun control laws are causing both the organizers and participants of these events to hold tightly to their guns and enjoy them while they still can.

Check out the video below to see these events in action: