You Want This – The Beretta M9A3

So far, Beretta’s Model 92 pistol has been the most sought-after firearm of the Beretta line. However, it now has some pretty stuff competition – especially when you’re using it as a survival gun.Meet the brand new Beretta M9A3.
This outstanding handgun is the product of a multitude of significant changes to its predecessor: the Beretta M9.The new and improved hammer-fired, short-recoil pistol holds a large capacity magazine, capable of holding 17 rounds.
The semi-automatic pistol also fires DA for the first shot, and then SA for the rounds following.The gun also looks fantastic. Covered in a desert tan PVD coating, the gun’s anodized frame boasts a threaded barrel and stellar night sights. Its smaller grip also works with interchangeable panels.

According to Locked & Loaded:

The gun’s new significant upgrades also include a longer service life for its tilting lock block, and the addition of two more rounds in the magazine capacity from its former version.

Beretta’s M9A3 is very popular with military personnel, which is why this new model’s new finish is so durable and resistant to corrosion. In fact, most of the M9A3’s superior upgrades come as a direct result of the military’s needs (which are consistently changing). The gun also reduces IR signature – a huge selling point for military purposes.

Not to mention, the full-sized Beretta produces solid accuracy at 25 yards – essential for combat situations.

Certain steel portions of the gun remain in black. These components flaunt a unique Bruniton finish, which offers exceptional resistance to corrosion. In addition, the gun’s excellent Tritium night sights come standard on every M9A3.

Other significant upgrades to the M9A3 include the gun’s new, longer barrel (5.1 inches), with a chrome lining in its bore and chamber. It features a 1/2″x28″ thread pattern barrel, which is compatible with most standard suppressors. The firearm also come with a knurled thread protector.

That’s not all – the Beretta now boasts a three-slot MIL-STD 1913 accessory rail. This alone is a huge upgrade from former models, such as the M9’s lack of rail, as well as the M9A1’s single-slot rail.The gun also now features a much flatter trigger guard, which is built to easily work with accessories that use a rail-mount.

The M9A3 also has a brand new grip that many shooters are sure to love. For instance, the backstrap now contains a flat mainspring housing. This alone is exceptional – especially in comparison to the traditional, bulged versions of former models.

These modifications significantly lessen the size of the grip, which is a huge win for smaller-hand shooters.

The changing of the grip is all thanks to the gun’s new Vertec Thin Grip panels, which feature aggressive checkering. The M9A3 also uses replacement Hogue rubber grips, giving the shooter a better grip size and feel.

As Locked & Loaded states:

Not to mention, this new model gives left-hand dominant shooters a break, since they’ve made the reversible mag release button larger for fast and seamless operation.

The remaining controls on gun remain the same to previous models. These include the slide lock/release on the left side, and the takedown lever (immediately in front of it on the left of the receiver).

 All in all, the M9A3 provides a ton of enhancements and upgrades that make it superior to the previous M9 model.