Glock Maker Announces Exciting New Release

Great news for Glock lovers! The popular pistol manufacturer is planning on a very exciting release: a civilian alternative to the 9mm Glock 19 pistol. The company says civilian pistol customers will be able to purchase the gun after its release later this month.

Known as the 19X, the civilian model is Glock’s first attempt at creating a crossover model of the gun. That’s because this particular one combines the frame of a Glock 17 with the barrel of a Glock 19.

And, although this is a civilian-specific model, that doesn’t lessen how versatile, powerful, and adept this gun is. It features a “marksman barrel,” along with slide-stop levers that work just as efficiently when handling with the right hand as they do with the left.

The gun is so impressive that national sales manager Bob Radecki compares it to a 1911 Commander-style pistol, thanks to its shorter barrel and full-size grip frame.

In June of 2017, Glock let out pictures of the 9mm Glock 19, as well as the .40 caliber Glock 23 pistol that was an offering to the United States Army for its MHS program. Well, now, the company is enticing gun lovers by introducing brand new photos of the 19X.
According to Task & Purpose:
glock 19x modular handgun system

We haven’t had the chance to review the Glock 19X ourselves, but the pistol is “likely to be most talked about firearm for 2018,” according to our (extremely knowledgeable) friends at The Firearm Blog, who had a chance to test-shoot the weapon prior to the public announcement. “This aberration of a Gen5,” reviewer Adam Scepaniak wrote, “allows for the capacity of their full size G17 magazines, more dexterity and positive handling, and accuracy in a smaller package.” Translation: Shut up and take our money.

Glock is certainly going hard with the hype around its MHS runner-up. “Our goal was to meet the demanding needs of the military while maintaining our standard of perfection,” Glock vice president Josh Dorsey said in the company’s Jan. 2 statement. “With proven testing results and fewer parts than our competitors’ pistols, the G19X has maximum efficiency, reliability and is easy to maintain.”


That statement is a clear dig at Sig Sauer’s P320, adopted by the Army as the M17/M18 and first fielded (and praised) by 25 soldiers with the 101st Airborne’s 1st Brigade Combat Team at the end of November 2017. After the Army announced the MHS award for Sig in January, Glock protested in a federal complaint that a shortened testing timeline put the Glock 19 at a disadvantage; though the complaint was thrown out in May, Sig’s P320 has been plagued by reports of safety defects from civilian law enforcement agencies.

Glock’s 19X pistol will arrive at select firearms dealers on Jan. 22nd, accompanied by a 17-round magazine, two 19-round magazines, and a case in the same plain coyote hue as the sidearm (the second time in the company’s history they’ve shipped a colored box, per TFB… which is cool, I guess). A Glock spokesman told Task & Purpose that while additional specifications of the pistol will be made available after the official launch, the suggested retail price of the Glock 19X is $749 with blue label pricing at $455.40.

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