Ladies Are Gonna Love This New Pistol From Nighthawk Customs

Women have been flocking to the firearms industry in record numbers this past few years in order to get their concealed carry permits. And not only that – they’re also coming in droves to shooting ranges, and are becoming more prevalent than ever before in the hunting arena.

As their numbers get larger, the more manufacturers are figuring out how to create new products that both meet the new demand and specifically appeal to their growing female audience.

When it comes down to it, it looks as though women are here to stay when it comes to their newfound love and respect for guns. And Nighthawk Custom couldn’t be happier.

This popular gun manufacturer is so happy and proud of its new female customer-base, that it’s showing its appreciation with the release of its incredible 1911 Commander-size handgun.

The handgun comes in both 9mm and .45ACP, and Nighthawk Custom is hoping its sleek appeal and seamless functionality will make it extremely appealing to female gun lovers around the nation.

Not only that – Nighthawk Custom’s new Lady Hawk 2.0 is exceptional, improving on the niche specialty gun maker’s legacy design by adding a Rose Gold TICN finish, along with custom obsidian, zinc and abalone grips.

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Fully machined in-house, the Lady Hawk has a number of classic Nighthawk features such as a thinned and scalloped front strap and mainspring housing, serrated slide top, and crowned barrel that sits flush with the bushing.

However, it is not made to just look pretty. The newest Lady Hawk variant is standard with Heine Slant Pro night sights, a match grade barrel, and is completely dehorned.


One thing about NHC though, they don’t come cheap. Retail as shown is $4,695 and, being a custom house, a very wide range of options are on the table to include threaded and bull barrels, stainless frames, engraving and sighting upgrades.