Remington Rolls Out New Black Belt Ammo

As the holidays wind down and people head back to work, thoughts of “next purchases” begin to dance around in consumers’ heads. And, for shooters, this often entails temping thoughts of their next box of self-defense cartridges.

Truth is, this can be an incredibly hard decision to make. After all, there are tons to choose from, and it can be tough to narrow down the options.

Thankfully, all that difficulty just went out the window. And it’s all thanks to Remington and their newest release of “Black Belt” ammunition.

Remington has been tempting gun lovers for years with the Black Belt’s impending release. And it would have come out a lot sooner, too, if it been able to get on the market.

However, no harm, no foul. Now that this ammunition is out and ready to rock, consumers can rush to their local gun shops and pick up this outstanding self-defense ammunition. All you’ll need is a gun able to work with the following calibers: 9mm Luger, .40 S+W, .45 ACP, and 9mm Luger +P.

Now, shooters that are unfamiliar with Remington’s Black Belt ammunition may not understand what sets it apart from the rest. However, they no longer have to be in the dark. According to Gun Buzz:

What’s so great about the Golden Saber Black Belt, what makes it better than others?

Well, “better than others is subjective.” If you’re ever forced to use a defensive round and it puts down an attacker or two, then that round was the best round for the job. No questions asked.

However, the Golden Saber Black Belt is a little bit different than other rounds and it all comes down to how it was made.

Remington crafted the round using the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Barrier Test Protocol. That means the round delivers ultimate stopping power while also giving the shooter a round that has controlled expansion and penetration with high weight retention.

In short, the round delivers “optimized terminal performance” according to Remington.

In their press release, Remington said this of the new round. “Like the venerable Golden Saber, the bullet is constructed of a brass jacket in time-proven bullet profiles for reliable feed and function. The spiral nose cuts and hollow point cavity are optimized for predictable and reliable terminal performance through clogging barriers such as wall board or heavy fabrics.”

This is a round that hits hard, and won’t fall apart like some of the other defensive rounds you may encounter.

A lead core on the round locks to the rear of the Black Belt. This keeps the jacket and the core nicely meshed together so that on impact and penetration they don’t break apart. Good for both performance, as well as keeping an attacker down where they belong.

While Remington says the round is finally available there isn’t word on when it’s going to hit store shelves

Meaning anyone who’s been waiting for this round will still be left waiting…