Springfield’s New 911 Deep Carry Pistol


If you thought the picture above was of a SID P238, you’re wrong – it’s actually the brand new Springfield Armory 911 .380 ACP pistol.

This new pocket pistol from Illinois is pretty darn impressive. It carries six rounds in the flush-fit mag (plus one in the chamber), or seven rounds if you’re using the extended magazine.

Currently, Springfield is promoting four different models of this firearm: two base models ($599 MSRP) and two models boasting Viridian leaders ($799 MSRP).

When it comes down to it, the 911 is the ideal firearm for EveryDay Carry. It’s comfortable, convenient, and is an ideal size for most any shooter.

One of the most intelligent aspects of the 1911 is how it enhances the relationship between the gun’s frame, slide, and trigger guard.

A disturbingly large amount of pocket pistols can be cumbersome to both handle and shoot. This can discourage shooters from using them, and they often end up cast aside collecting dust as a result.

That’s why Springfield Armory gets around this issue by crafting their pistol to feel like a full-size firearm.

This extra attention to detail encourages the shooter to comfortably carry and shoot this pocket pistol at the range for daily practice, as well as for concealed carry.

According to The Truth About Guns:

The 911 .380 carries a crisp, short-reset 5-pound trigger with the industry’s only G10 Trigger shoe produced by Hogue®, a differentiating and satisfying feature in such a small pistol. This quick, positive trigger squeezes off repeat rounds with reassuring precision, a key factor in surviving defensive situations. A loaded chamber indicator and hammer provide peace of mind with both visual and tactile cues allowing for various modes of carry.

Springfield Arms 911 .380 Pistol

Designed for life-saving defensive use at close range, the 911 features an ambidextrous safety and is perfectly matched with an Ameriglo® Pro-Glo™ green tritium front sight inside a yellow luminescent circle, and a tactical rack U-notch rear sight with green tritium inside of white luminescent circles. Sighting is designed to provide fast target acquisition to gain the edge in a defensive encounter. The low-profile design ensures a snag-free draw when milliseconds count.

To keep the gun invisible until needed, the frame measures 5.5 inches long and less than 4 inches high, with a smooth profile that’s undetectable under clothing.  Springfield’s Octo-Grip™ texturing on the mainspring housing and front strap allows for a very secure grip without tearing up your clothes while carrying concealed. Additionally, the thin-line grips and mainspring housing are made of G10 by Hogue®.

Should need arise, the 2.7-inch precision broached barrel gives this small gun solid accuracy at greater than confrontation distance.  A full-length guide rod and flat wire spring enhance control and soften recoil. A flush 6-round and 7-round extended magazine provides great capacity in such a small platform. Two configurations of the 911 .380 are also offered with integrated green Viridian® laser grips, making target acquisition all but effortless.

The new 911 is crafted of 7075 T6 anodized hard-coat aluminum, the same material used in combat-ready firearms like Springfield’s renowned SAINT AR-15 rifles and pistols. A brushed-satin, matte-finish stainless steel or black Nitride slide completes the picture. The new Springfield Armory 911 is an ideal carry pistol or backup gun, with the features, quickness and reliability to save lives. When the Police are minutes away and the threat is seconds away….

9-1-1…When you have to be your own first responder.

“With such great advances made in modern defense ammunition, the .380 has become a seriously viable defensive platform ,” says Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese, “and our customers deserve a pistol that makes the most of it. Once you try it, you’ll be as convinced as we are that this is the best .380 pistol choice available.”

MSRP: $599. 

Now available in four configurations:

PG9109                        .380 ACP BLACK                                                                      MSRP $599.00

PG9109S                      .380 ACP STAINLESS                                                                MSRP $599.00

PG9109VG                   .380 ACP BLACK, GREEN VIRIDIAN® LASER                             MSRP $789.00

PG9109SVG                 .380 ACP STAINLESS, GREEN VIRIDIAN® LASER                      MSRP $789.00