The FBI Will Spend $16 Million With This Ammo Maker

Winchester Ammunition is rolling in the dough after winning a whopping $16 million contract with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

According to the award notice, the contract entails that Winchester will be supplying .40 caliber training and service rounds to the FBI.

Amidst heavy competition, Winchester has been chosen due to its stellar product performance. This is an exceptional feat, considering that the FBI utilizes some of the most meticulous ammo testing ever made.

According to

Winchester will supply the FBI with .40 S&W pistol ammunition that includes 180 grain bonded jacketed hollow point cartridges as well as full metal jacket and frangible training loads.

Winchester claims that these rounds are so strong that they can pierce through a large array of obstructions.

According to a report given by Olin Corp. (the parent company of Winchester Ammunition), Winchester brought in over $17 million in just its third quarter profits alone.

And this total was even lower than the original estimation of the quarter because of the malleability in the commercial market.

However, Winchester Ammunition isn’t the only company that’s celebrating. As it turns out, the FBI gave contracts to two different ammo manufacturers for the job. Both of these companies, together, will fill the $18 million total contract.

Of course, Winchester will go home with the vast majority of this amount at $16 million. Meanwhile, Hornady Manufacturing is also under the contract and will be taking the remaining $2 million.