Droolworthy – Velocity Introduces New Trigger Setup

Introducing Velocity Triggers‘ newest product: the Marksman Performance Choice. This newest addition to the Velocity Triggers line is an American-made, drop-in trigger assembly that works with your favorite AR-15s.

The Marksman Performance Choice contains an extremely beneficial design, featuring removable trigger shoes. Velocity Triggers has put them 1/2 inch further forward. According to the company, this aids in the benefit of faster acquisition.

The trigger shoes are made with aluminum that’s 3/8-inch wide, and comes in three different forms: straight, curve, or straight with finger stop. Each of these also comes with either a radius or a flat face with serrations.

The Marksman Performance Choice also comes in five different colors, including Olive Drab Green, Cerakote Flat Dark Earth, anodized red or black, and pink. The trigger also features a 3 or 4 pound pull weight, depending on which model is chosen.

According to Velocity Triggers, every trigger is made in-house using a Wire EDM process. The triggers also receive a heat treatment, ensuring that they provide the most durability possible. In addition, the hammer and disconnect go through a metal finish, which prevents corrosion and decreases friction.

Finally, the triggers are also made using a coating that produces a sturdy, low friction finish that will be able to withstand continual use. The trigger’s housing is also easy to clean, thanks to its aluminum material and green anodization.

According to Guns.com, “The MPC Trigger Assembly retails for $189 while the MPC Trigger Shoe comes in at $14.”