New Compensator Makes Glock Shoot Like a Dream

Good news for Zev Technologies fans. It looks as though the popular company is bringing even more firearm accessories to the realm of Glock geekhood.

And this excitement gets better as the company introduces none other than their new Pro Compensator. This awesome invention’s design works specifically for the most well-known Glock ever: the 9mm Glock pistol.

Now keep in mind the Pro Compensator’s original design was originally going to work with the well-loved Glock 19. However, the new Zev Technologies Compensator now has the ability to work alongside other 9mm Glocks.

The Pro Compensator works with 1/2×28 threaded barrels, and cycles standard 9mm ammo. Plus, a definite upside to the Compensator that users are sure to love is that it doesn’t force shooters to alter either the guide rod or recoil spring so that they can properly cycle the ammunition.

The Pro Compensator is also very compact. When you consider this, along with Zev’s threaded barrel on the G19, it produces the overall G19 length to one comparable to a G34 slide.

In the end, the whole setup is able to work with Glock 34 holsters.

And, for those passionate about the country we live in, good news. Zev Technologies states their Pro Compensator is entirely made in the U.S.

Glock fans who are needing a compensator can snag this incredible product for just $99.