SHOCKING – Trey Gowdy Wants To Ban These

Trey Gowdy made a few shocking pronouncements on the CBS news program Face The Nation. And ever since the remarks left his mouth, pro-gunners have been scratching their heads.

On the popular news show, Gowdy made the declaration that bump stocks have the ability to transform a semiautomatic weapon into a fully automatic one.

Furthermore, he made the claim that fully automatic weapons are “illegal,” and that he is “fine” with getting rid of anything that converts a semiautomatic into a fully automatic weapon.

These statements are incredibly ironic. For one, it shows that even our gun supporting politicians have been duping themselves into thinking machine guns are illegal. which they’re not.

True, machine guns require a ton of paper work to buy. And they’re crazy expensive – particularly because federal law prevents individuals from transferring or acquiring them. But it is still legal to buy them.

Not to mention, bump fire stocks do NOT transform semi-automatics (which is one shot per squeeze of the trigger) into a fully automatic (which fires multiple rounds with the press of a trigger).

And, to boot, it’s looking more and more like Trey Gowdy is not completely a pro-gun politician after all. But then again, who is, anymore?