The Feds Will Hate This New “Sawed-Off” Shotgun

Good news – the Remington Tac-14 has been a major success. So much so that the popular manufacturer is going in for round two. Introducing the newest firearm that’s sure to blow your mind: the Tac-14 DM…aka “Detachable Magazine.”

This incredible forearm features a six-round mag, Raptor pistol grip, and Magpul forend. Plus, it’s good to go straight out of the box (so super convenient). The barrel is 14″, and features a fixed choke with a fix-bead sight.

So the question is why would someone want to buy a Tac-14 DM? Easy – because they’re fun to use and just plain cool.

True, if you find yourself in a home defense situation, you’ll probably want a stock on your shotgun. However, the Tac-14 DM is a really fun toy to use (and show off) at the range. The MSRP for the firearm is $559.

The Tac-14 isn’t the only thing Remington has up its sleeve, either. For instance, it had tons of things to show off at the company’s booth at the most recent SHOT Show (and, if the amount of people there was any indication, they were really awesome products, too).

One of their most popular was their simulator, which gave SHOT Show participants the opportunity to time how quickly they can unload a spent magazine, insert a fresh one, and unload it on a target.

Of course, the goal isn’t to stay at the simulator – the goal is to find out where you stand, and then try out your Tac-14 DM at the range and improve your skills from there.

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