4 Years In Jail For Selling These Guns

Here’s some shocking news. A man in California may be spending just under four years in jail. The reason? He was making and selling short-barrel AR-style rifles and silencers. And he was doing so without a license.

Axel Fernando Galvez, a 37-year-old living in Los Angeles, is facing a sentence of 46 months in prison. Galvez has pled guilty to two counts of both manufacturing and dealing firearms without a license.

According to court records, Galvez admits he took extra precautions in order to hide the number of firearm components he was acquiring from various sources. Galvez claims he was assembling parts and putting together five silencers at a machine shop in Los Angeles.

According to federal authorities, Galvez sold five individual homemade rifles to a middleman. The middleman then sold them to an undercover agent, who was with The U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

However, Galvez was selling the firearms under the belief that the agent was, instead, a convicted felon, who was planning on reselling these firearms in the Philippines and in Egypt. Galvez was later brokering a second deal, where he was planning to give the agent 100 more rifles at a “bulk discount.”

According to Guns.com, “Once he completes his prison term, Galvez will spend three years on supervised release and pay a $12,500 fine. He will also be subjected to random searches at anytime by law enforcement.”