Are These 2 New Holsters Going To Change the World?

Safariland has come out with two brand new holsters. And these new additions are made for both utility and comfort.

The newest holsters include the Model 17 and 17T, as well as the Model 557 Open-Top.

From the outside, it may appear that gear can be pretty easy and uncomplicated. Especially if your’e going in armed. Many people (especially those without a lot of experience) feel like, if you’ve got your belt, holster, and gun, that means you’re going to excel in the heat of the action.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. As it turns out, each one of these pieces of gear needs to be on-point in order for a confrontation to go smoothly (on your end, at least).

For instance, the shooter needs to have the right gun that fits his/her needs, style, and comfort. They also need to have good ammunition, and comfortable clothing that’s easy to utilize concealed carry with. And these choices the shooter makes must be consistently available at all times.

This can also be a lifelong process. After all, it’s pretty common that even a seasoned carrier will start fiddling with their everyday gear, and find themselves starting completely over.

And, of the entire setup, it seems that holsters are typically the toughest pieces of gear to get right. According to Gun Digest:

Even when light-years away from the flimsy nylon gun-show specials, they still might end up in a pile of also-rans if they don’t conceal or aren’t comfortable. It’s a sad truth; no one holster can be all things to all armed citizens.

Luckily, the world does not want in holster options, and thanks to Safariland grew a bit larger recently.

Model 17 and 17T

Safariland Model 17T Holster - holsters
Safariland Model 17T Holster

Ultra-thin and flexible, the Model 17 and 17T offer lightweight and comfortable inside-the-waistband carry. Made of Safariland’s thermo-formed plastic (SafariLaminate), the holsters retain their shape even after the gun is drawn, facilitating safe and quick draw and re-holstering.

The models are identical save one feature, how they attach to a belt. The Model 17 secures via a spring steel clip, while the Model 17T utilizes a cant-adjustable J-Hook. This attachment makes the 17T tuckable, giving shooters another level concealment, especially in lighter clothing. The holsters are also designed to provide excellent retention through a deep contour in the trigger guard.

The Model 17 and 17T have black STX finishes and have fits for Colt, Glock, Ruger, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Springfield pistols. The holsters are extremely well priced with MSRPs of $38.50.

Model 557 Open-Top

Safariland Model 557 Holster - holsters
Safariland Model 557 Holster

Generally, if a gun is outfitted with a light, it needs a holster tailored to this extra gear. Remove it, then a whole new rig is required.

Safariland appears to solve much of this problem with the 557 Open-Top Belt Slide Holster. Constructed from Safariland’s thermo-molded plastic (SafariLaminate), the holster safe keeps a gun with or without its light, without rattling around.

Its low profile makes the outside-the-waistband holster a viable concealed-carry option. And its winged design molds comfortably to the body while providing excellent weight distribution. The holster also features an ejection-port detent that keeps the gun in place when not in use.

The Model 557 works with gun belts 1.5 to 1.75 inches in width and is compatible with a number of popular makes and models of defensive handguns and lights, including: Glock 17/22, 19/23, 34/35, Heckler & Koch P30, Sig Sauer P320, Smith & Wesson M&P 9/40 and Walther P99Q handguns with TLR-1, TLR-1HL, Surefire X200, X300, X300U lights and red dot equipped handguns. The holster is moderately priced with an MSRP of $50.