Droolworthy – New Phoenix Arms Integrally Suppressed .338-06

It’s official: Phoenix Weaponry is quietly putting its new, integrally suppressed .338-06 rifle into the spotlight. And there’s a few things rifle lovers will need to know as they start ogling it.

For one, the .338-06 rifle is best for hunting both medium and large-size game. It uses a Douglas Barrel that’s 21 inches long and has custom tapering. It also features a very lightweight titanium sleeve and suppressor core.

It’s also important to note that the rifle features a custom Bell and Carlson stock that’s inlet and glass bedded. The rifle is also built around a Remington 700 action.

So what’s the price tag on this beauty? Currently the rifle is selling for $4,600.

According to Gun Digest:

Despite the regulatory hurdles, the suppressor market has been running red hot for some time. Cans of every shape, size, caliber and color dot gun store shelves, virtual and brick-and-mortar alike. And, as is typical when a gun or accessory heats up passions, more and more twists come about catering to every possible shooter and shooting style — no matter how niche they might be.


Along these lines, integrally suppressed firearms have gained a foothold, particularly with more traditional segments of shooters. There is a distinct advantage totting, say a rifle, on a hunt that doesn’t have the extra inches at the end of the barrel and is inherently more tightly constructed. The latter facet is particularly important when a gunsmith is miles (maybe hundreds of them) away.

Phoenix Weaponry certainly had this style of shooter in mind with its latest creation — an integrally suppressed rifle meant to tackle some of the globe’s biggest game. And like most of the Colorado gunmaker’s handy-works, this one has quite a twist, even aside from its suppression system. Namely its chambering — .338-06 A-Square.

The almost-famous round has been around almost since the .338 Winchester Magnum made its debut in 1958. Simply a .30-06 Sprg.necked up to accept a .338 projectile, the one-time wildcat offers the best of both medium-caliber worlds. It’s a solid downrange performer, capable of tackling everything up to moose and similar large game. But it’s much more forgiving than its belted-magnum brethren, allowing the recoil sensitive a shot at more competently pitching heavier bullets downrange.

Action of the Phoenix Weaponry Integrally Suppressed .338-06 A-Square

While rarer than .308 Win. to be sure, the chambering is not so uncommon as to make it a quest for the Holy Grail when ammo runs low. A number of notable manufacturers produce factory loads, though namely the premium brands — NoslerWeatherbyNorma. And home brewing the .338-06 is a snap. Dies are available from nearly every reloading company, and .338 bullets are legion. And it almost seems like .30-06 brass actually grows on trees.

Without the worry of having to fiddle with custom ammunition — the case for some other Phoenix firearms — the company zeroed in on the .338-06’s overall engineering. And, as expected with the Centennial-State concern, it executed the rifle with a flare it has become known for.

The heart of the hunting rifle’s system is its custom tapered 21-inch Douglas barrel mated with a titanium suppressor core and sleeve. While certainly adding to the final price tag, the use of the lightweight metal keeps the rifle highly manageable and easy to maneuver — exactly what a hunter would want out of his gun. And it endows the gun with some highly desirable qualities, such as superior heat and corrosion resistance.

Overall, the .338-06 weighs in at a very practical 8 pounds — more than reasonable, even for those who push deep into the backwoods. Along with the titanium, Phoenix’s use of a custom Bell and Carlson stock helps keep the rifle svelte slung on a shoulder. Furthermore, the featherweight composite stock is inherently rigid and is inlet and glass bedded to free float the barrel, a process that ensures a nearly seamless mating between barrel and stock.

Suppressed barrel of the Phoenix Weaponry Integrally Suppressed .338-06 A-Square.

Built around the tried-and-true Remington 700 action, the rifle will prove very familiar to a majority of shooters, as well as strong. But even there Phoenix couldn’t leave well enough alone. The integrally suppressed .338-06 comes with a PTG fluted bolt with an oversized tactical knob and custom Remington 700 trigger standard.

Other notables on the rifle are a Warne 20 MOA rail and single and multi-colored paint and graphic options for the finish. Additionally, while the integrally suppressed rifle off the shelf (or as close as you can get at a custom shop) is .338-06, it is available in any chambering upon request. Have a yen for 8x60mm S or a .318 Westley Richards with a toned down report? Phoenix will build it for you, and that goes for any other tweak on the rifle — action, trigger, etc. The sky, your imagination and your wallet are the limit.

When it comes down to it, this integrally suppressed rifle is a thing of beauty. However, the only thing that may prove to be a barrier for many shooters is its price tag. Considering that the firearm costs $4,600 as a starting point, it’s clear Phoenix Weaponry isn’t just throwing these away.

Not to mention, it’s also important to consider all the paperwork and the tax stamp that comes with purchasing the rifle. Thanks to NFA regulations, these are a guarantee.

Now, unless they’re royalty or come from old money, it’s likely most shooters aren’t going to be able so shell out thousands in cash and purchase this rifle on a whim. However, considering the huge amount of care and customization put into this rifle, one thing is clear. The rifle’s purchaser needs to be just as passionate about shooting it as the manufacturer has been in putting it together.