Is the SBR Officially Dead?

SB Tactical has been leading the charge in innovation in regards to AR pistols. After all, the company has made these firearms way more comfortable to shoot, and a heck of a lot more accurate.

Not to mention, SB Tactical’s ever-growing line of pistol braces have been critical in helping shooters aim and support their handgun.

Well, now in 2018, SB Tactical is introducing their brand new pistol-stabilizing brace. And this awesome product is pushing AR pistols into the future more than ever before.

According to Alex Bosco, inventor and CEO of SB Tactical, the SBA3 features four adjustment positions. And this brace offers superior versatility for any shooter, and any situation.

The new brace is easily adjustable, providing a customizable fit for any shooter. It offers five adjustment points, which provide users an extraordinary amount of customization. This amount of options is a first for this pistol-brace design.

The shooter can also use the SBA3 on any standard AR-15 mil-spec carbine receiver extension.

The original purpose of pistol-stabilizing braces was to assist veterans with a disability in shooting the AR pistol platform. Ever since, these braces have become a popular addition to shooters of a wide range of ages and ability level.

That’s because these braces make shooting an AR-15 pistol safer and more comfortable, with greater accuracy.

According to NRA Shooting Illustrated:

The brace design achieves this by providing users with a third point of contact, enabling them to further stabilize the gun through contact with the shooter’s forearm or chin.

SB Tactical ensures consumers that this design has been fully vetted and approved by the ATF, and the agency certifies that the addition of this adjustable brace to an AR pistol will not alter its classification under NFA laws.

Spec-wise, the SB Tactical SBA3 pistol-stabilizing brace measures in at an overall length of 6.1 inches and weighs only 6.75 ounces. In addition to the brace, buyers will also receive a mil-spec carbine receiver extension and a quick-detach sling-swivel socket. The brace can be had in black and flat dark earth finishes and retails at a suggested price of $169.99.