The Pro Gun Walkout You Didn’t Hear About

It’s no surprise to anyone that the March For Our Lives walkouts have been all over the news lately. However, there was a different type of walkout also happening in Florida that the media didn’t choose to cover.

On Friday, March 30th approximately 75 students from Rockledge High School made the decision to also do a walk-out. However, their rally was in direct opposition to the March For Our Lives campaign.

The students were walking out of the school in support of our Second Amendment rights.

The walk-out idea came from Rockledge students Anna Delaney and Chloe Deaton. Their goal of the walkout was to bring attention to Constitutional issues – particularly American’s rights to keep and bear arms.

According to

“We’re out here supporting our Constitution,” Delaney said. “We’re Patriots of this country. We won’t be silenced and we won’t take no for an answer.”

Apparently, the walkout’s original intention was not to support Second Amendment rights. Instead, its purpose was to memorialize those who lost their lives during the Parkland, Florida shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

However, as preparations began, the focus of the walkout quickly became more political. This was also in response to the recent increases in gun restrictions the nation has been making.

The issue of Second Amendment rights hits close to home for Deaton. As states:

Deaton, clad in a T-shirt that read, “My rights don’t end where your feelings begin,” said she learned to fire a gun at age 10 and has both hunted and competed in shooting sports. She said students from other schools, including Stoneman Douglas, planned to attend the pro-gun rally in Rockledge. Deaton, a sophomore, said they cleared the event through official channels but were forced by school administrators to fight to get their voices heard.