This City Banned Assault Rifles, But Did You Hear About It?

On Thursday night, the Boulder City Council made a unanimous pass to read an ordinance which bans the sale and possession of assault weapons.

The meeting went on for over five hours, where over 150 people were expecting to speak for and against the proposed ordinance. The goal of the ordinance was to ban high-capacity magazines and bump stocks.

By the time the meeting was over, about 111 people had made the decision to speak.

Moving forward, council members will discuss the measure at an upcoming meeting. They may even pass it two more times, before it becomes a binding Boulder ordinance.

Councilwoman Jill Adler Grano was receiving lots of support during the meeting when she said the consideration of a ban was a “no-brainer.”

Grano explained that the proposal is not due to “a knee-jerk reaction,” and that “it’s time to say ‘enough.”

There was also much fear in the room that the ordinance would strip Boulderites of their Second Amendment rights.

In retort, Grano said this was not a worry, as the Second Amendment does not guarantee citizens’ rights to an assault rifle.

Obviously, this is a very controversial issue that has many passionate views. It is unknown when council members will come to a final decision about whether to pass the ordinance.