Minds Blown with New 300 Blackout Pistol

FightLite has a brand new handgun. And it’s been blowing up shooters’ minds right and left.
The pistol’s name is the FightLite Raider. And it’s equally as impressive as it is attractive.
The handgun weights just under 4 pounds, and measures less than 21 inches long. It features a 7.25 inch barrel, and works with all standard GI detachable magazines. The handgun comes in both 5.56mm NATO and in .300 Blackout options.
And it’s no surprise that many are calling this brand new pistol “the most compact AR-platform” in the firearm industry right now.
The inspiration for the Raider’s design comes from FightLite’s featureless┬áSport Configurable Rifle (SCR) system. However, the Raider features a bolt carrier with modifications. That’s because this one feeds into a short buffer tube that’s inside the gun’s birds-head-style grip.
According to FightLite, the brand new Raider effectively and seamlessly crosses the gap between an ordinary handgun and an individual battle carbine. This allows the Raider to deliver precise overmatch performance, in comparison to any ordinary pistol-caliber handgun. That also goes for shotguns – especially at long shooting distances.

FightLite also plans on selling a full-up pistol for $825. They also intend to sell a Raider lower (with bolt-carry assembly) for $575. The lower is meant to match any standard AR-pistol upper.