Mossberg Excites With This New Shotgun

Good news! Mossberg is expanding its line of 590 Shockwave shotguns, making room for a new and exciting addition.

This new pump-action Shockwave shotgun will feature a brand new, low-recoil and lightweight model chambered in 410 Bore.

Its 14-inch barrel has the ability to tackle between 2.5 – 3-inch loads, and features a cylindrical bore barrel design with heavy walls.

On top of the barrel you’ll find the shotgun’s single bead sight. Lower down, you’ll also find the gun’s impressive Raptor pistol grip and strapped forearm, as well as sling swivel studs.

This shotgun features a six-round capacity. Not to mention, it’s super lightweight. The .410 variant comes in at just 4.24 pounds.

According to Mossberg, the new Shockwave shotgun measures just over 26 inches in length. However, the company assures its consumers that the ATF has given its approval, and classifies this as a non-NFA firearm.

This is helpful, as it means owners don’t have to apply for a tax stamp before a transfer and/or ownership.

According to a press release, Mossberg said that federal low doesn’t require a purchaser of the new 590 Shockwave to be 21 years old. This is because the gun is under the definition of “firearm,” and not a “long gun.”

According to

 “Mossberg was the first manufacturer to bring these 14-inch barreled, non-NFA firearms to the marketplace and now offers three 12-gauge models, a 20-gauge option and the new 410 bore from which to choose [said Mossberg in a press release].”

The new Mossberg 590 Shockwave in .410 Bore retails for $455.