Never Miss Center Mass Again

One simple stencil in the shape of a sight picture can ensure you never miss the center mass ever again.

If you choose to read any books on self-defense or concealed carry, they’re going to all have one thing on common. They’re all going to contradict each other – and on about 100 different topics.

When it comes to things like best apparel, gear, caliber, and more, nobody can come to a consensus about the “right” one.

However, despite their disagreements, there’s one thing that most everyone can get onboard with: bullet placement.

One of the reasons for this discipline-wide agreement is because bullet placement is such a crucial aspect of defensive shooting. After all, if the bullet misses the center-mass vital organs, it’s likely the attacker will take you down instantly.

That’s why shooters often spend countless hours perfecting their shooting skills. They train and practice tirelessly, honing every minute detail, until firing round after round at high-center mass is just as fluid and natural as taking in oxygen.

However, attaining this perfection is likely going to be difficult for shooters that are beginners with handguns. Doubts enter the mind, sights play tricks on the eyes between the alignment and trigger pull, and insecurity reigns.

According to Gun Digest:

Defensive shooting instructor Michelle Cerino has a simple remedy for this off-the-mark shooting — sight-picture stencils. When you think about it, blacking out the exact area where a shooter needs to aim is almost forehead-slapping obvious. How else are they going to learn their shooting geography without road markers to point the way?

With this method there is little confusion where to aim, after all, it’s right in front of the shooter, literally in black and white. Additionally, it has potential for a more seasoned shooter as a diagnostic tool. With everything perfectly in line, but rounds not hitting, it might be perfect for ferreting out flinch or an off trigger pull.