Shooting a Pistol In a Can Of Gas

So here’s an interesting (and pretty stupid) idea. In the video below, Dr. Matt is down on Demolition Ranch. And through very specific means, has come to acquire a pair of green Steyr M9-A1 pistols.

First, he tests out the pistols and sees how they fit in his hand. The gun features trapezoid sights. The front sight is a triangle shape, and then the rear sight is in the shape of a trapezoid.

So, when you look through the rear site, the front sight triangle appears in the center of the trapezoid. This makes it easy to line up.

After doing a few practice shots, Matt seems ready to go to a different site to attempt a major feat. He plans to shoot one of these guns, and in doing so, attempt to blow up the other gun. That’s because the other gun is completely submerged in a container of gasoline.

Although the video begins at a slower pace, it picks up around the 4-minute mark. That’s when things really attempt to “heat up” (pardon the pun).

Will Dr. Matt be successful in his attempts? Will he singe off his eyebrows in the first place? And will anything go wrong with this experiment? Find out in the video below.