You Can Now Sell Used Guns To This Leading Website, the well-known website for gun enthusiasts, is transforming the way they do business. And it’s making firearm owners and collectors incredibly happy. has made the choice to now add a new feature to their site. They are now offering to purchase people’s used and no-longer-in-use firearms.

Judging from the website description, it seems like a fairly convenient process to sell a gun to the site’s owners. First, sellers fill out a form, including personal info and details about the firearm they’re willing to part with.

Information about the gun’s serial number, caliber, manufacturer and model are also on the form. Sellers can also write out a description of the gun, as well as any enhancements, accessories, or imperfections it has.

The seller is to take pictures of the firearm at various angles. In addition, the form requires sellers to say whether or not the firearm is in working condition, as well as if it comes with the original packaging.

Upon receiving the form, will then consider the information and send back an offer. The seller has 10 business day to either confirm or deny the offer. If they confirm, they will ship the firearm to the site’s appraisal team.

More information on the firearm selling process (as well as receiving payment) can be found on the website.