How to Get 300 WinMag In a More Compact Package

The .300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) came into the limelight fairly recently. And, since its arrival, it’s been offering shooters the absolute best when it comes to power and efficiency.

The .300 WSM first came onto the market in the year 2000. At first, many shooters were chambering the WSM in their short, light Browning and Winchester rifles.

The WSM has an astonishing ability to demonstrate remarkable accuracy. So much so, in fact, that it duplicates .300 Win. Mag velocities, while using about 10 percent less powder.

The cartridge’s highly efficient and consistent powder burning is a testament to its short-fat powder column geometry. This concept is well-known by benchrest shooters who have been obsessing over accuracy for almost 30 years.

The .300 WSM is an original design made by Winchester. It easily slides into bolt-actions that fit cartridges 2.860 inches in length.

Unfortunately, the cartridge – as well as the rest of the Winchester Short Magnum line – were in a legal battle through an especially rocky part of its history. As such, the result the manufacturers made the unenthusiastic agreement to offer rifles and ammo for sale.

However, it all turns out well for the .300 WSM. That’s because, unlike Winchester’s Super Short Magnums, the WSM line still rakes in a good amount of customer appeal – especially its .270 and .300 offerings.