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  • Hornady Stands Up to Crooked Politicians – Cuts Sales Here

    Hornady, the ammo manufacturing giant, is cutting ties with government buyers in New York. And it’s all because of an order made by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo concerning gun politics. To address the issue, Steve Hornady, the company’s president of manufacturing, made an announcement over Facebook on Friday. He said the company will stop […]

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  • NRA Breaks New Record In March

    Following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, CNN began covering the March For Our Lives event. During the event, students were castigating Dana Loesch from the NRA. They were also questioning Sen. Marco Rubio about how he felt with these students’ blood on their hands. Not to mention, Scott Israel, the Broward County Sherriff, was showing […]

  • Why are NRA members Blowing Up These Expensive Coolers

    Many National Rifle Association members are taking a stand by blowing up their Yeti coolers with ammo and explosives. Why? The cooler company has made the announcement that it is severing ties with the NRA. And so, in retaliation, members of the NRA are taking down their own personal Yeti coolers the best they know […]

  • “Dick’s Will Destroy Assault Rifles” Says Rep

    Dick’s Sporting Goods seems to really be taking things to an extreme. First, they made an announcement that many gun owners saw their policies as alienating. Then, the sporting goods company made the decision that this wasn’t far enough. And so they went one step further and is now choosing to destroy all its leftover […]

  • This City Banned Assault Rifles, But Did You Hear About It?

    On Thursday night, the Boulder City Council made a unanimous pass to read an ordinance which bans the sale and possession of assault weapons. The meeting went on for over five hours, where over 150 people were expecting to speak for and against the proposed ordinance. The goal of the ordinance was to ban high-capacity […]

  • 1 State Just Ruled AR-15s Not Protected by Second Amendment

    Massachusetts’ Attorney General Maura Healey has been demanding a reinterpretation of the Commonwealth’s gun laws. She seeks to expand the list of semi-automatic firearms that were not originally under Massachusetts’ longstanding ban. Maura’s goal is to include guns that have thus far been compliant with the law. And, so far, Healey has made it through […]

  • Kel-Tec Issues A Recall

    Kel-Tec, an American developer and manufacturer of firearms, is announcing a recall of some of their products. The Florida-based company made the announcement that it needs to recall certain Sub-2000 rifles. These rifles came out in 2017. According to the manufacturer, these issues stem from the heat treatment of steel tubes the company was using […]