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  • Gun stocks surge

    Stocks for major gun makers surged Tuesday after a report surfaced claiming the Trump administration will ease export restrictions on small arms effective next year.

  • Poor Sig Sauer…Yet Another Gun Recall For The Arms Maker

    Certain faulty aspects of some of Sig Sauer’s firearms have been coming to light lately. And, unfortunately, they’re in the midst of another mandatory product recall. This time around, the recall has to do with the company’s Sig 716 DMR, 516 Carbon Fiber, and M400 Predators with two-stage triggers. It has come to the company’s attention […]

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  • Why Is This Disturbing Trend Happening to The Gun Industry?

    It’s not new news that retailers across the country have been experiencing plummeting sales as of late. And, unfortunately, this downward trend has been drastically affecting the firearm industry as well. For example, American Outdoor Brands have been reporting a $2.2 million loss during their first quarter. As a result, their stock prices have also […]

  • Woman claims self-defense in shooting

    A 26-year-old aspiring singer was charged Monday with attempted murder for the shooting of a homeless man last month in Nashville, but the suspect’s father claims his daughter fired in self-defense after the man threatened his daughter and her friend.

  • Racism Linked To The Kind Of Weapon You Own?

    Many of us have been subject to the outstanding amount of ignorance that gun grabbers can have. And, while we try to convince them otherwise, it is clear that the attempts are often fruitless and devoid of any real progress. One example of their absolutely ridiculous claims is that some anti-gun enthusiasts believe that those […]

  • Weird Place Police Banned Guns

    Knoxville, Tennessee is home to some of the most gun-loving people on the planet. These citizens have been enjoying their ability to use concealed carry for years, and are some of the most passionate people when it comes to firearms that you may ever meet. Unfortunately, the Knoxville Police are temporarily taking away their right […]

  • How You Can Get Free Guns – Really!

    It seems like everywhere you turn lately there’s another gun contest going on. This is a beautiful thing, since many times these contests involve giving away some really great guns for FREE. These contests are especially great, as they allow a shooter to try out some of the best guns, all at no cost. And, […]