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  • See 2 New Outrageous Gun Control Bills Democrats Want

    Well, it’s official: the introduction of bills HR.4018 and HR.4064 is now here. These bills hope to set a mandatory 3-day waiting time for all handgun transfers. Exceptions to this rule include loans of less than 30 days that are between immediate family members. They also hope to set up guidelines for licensing and registration on sales of binary […]

  • What’s Going To Happen To Bump Fire Stocks?

    In wake of the Las Vegas shooting, Cabela’s and Walmart have both taken bump stocks out of their online catalogs. Old links are still showing up on Google from both retailers advertising the bump stocks. However, clicking Walmart’s links trigger an error message, while clicking on Cabela’s shows the product as “sold out.” It is […]

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  • Freedom Fighters Try to Overturn Gun Confiscation Law, Then This Happened

    Attempts at overturning Oregon’s Extreme Risk Protection Order did not get the necessary amount of signatures to be able to go in front of voters. Known as the “Say No to 719” initiative, the action’s goal was to repeal the entire Extreme Risk Protection Order. Unfortunately, the organizers came up short – very short – in […]

  • NRA issues statement on bump fire stocks

    The National Rifle Association called for federal regulators to conduct an immediate review of gun accessories design to mimic full-auto firing, according a statement issued Thursday by the group’s leaders Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox.

  • Crazy Way You Could Print Your Own “Untraceable” Pistol at Home

    For years now, Defense Distributed has been transforming 80% Ar-15 lowers into effective, functional receivers. This has all been done through their genius CNC machine. However, the company is now ready to take on a brand new challenge. Now, they’re focusing on using their same famous process to transform 80% pistol frames – especially 1911s […]

  • Guess Who Just Lost $702 Million In Ammo

    The Department of Defense is having a rough week. This is because they’re not exactly sure how  $700+ million worth of ammo has been spent after it was sent to Afghanistan. In addition, the Combined Security Transition Command – which trains and quips Afghan security and defense forces –  is not sure that the money […]