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  • The FBI Will Spend $16 Million With This Ammo Maker

    Winchester Ammunition is rolling in the dough after winning a whopping $16 million contract with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to the award notice, the contract entails that Winchester will be supplying .40 caliber training and service rounds to the FBI. Amidst heavy competition, Winchester has been chosen due to its stellar product […]

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    Some Of The Biggest Legal Losses For Gun Owners in 2017

    Second Amendment litigation has been experiencing a lot of changes in the past year. And, although many of these changes have been positive for gun activists, many have also been restrictive of American’s gun rights. For instance, assault weapons have been a hot topic in 2017. Just mere hours before California was to instill a […]

  • The Surprising Political Difference Between Anti-Gun and Pro-Gun Supporters

    There’s a surprising difference between anti-gunners and pro-gun supporters. And the different lies in politics. When it comes down to it, the Americans that are wanting to enforce stricter gun laws are also the ones that have less probability of actually contacting public officials about it. For instance, only 15 percent of American adults state […]

  • The Truth About Form 4473

    Anyone who’s bought a firearm from a gun shop or gun show knows what Form 4473 is. And, if you’re planning on buying a firearm in the future, you’re going to have to fill it out. Ever year, thousands and thousands of gun lovers fill out this form to obtain a new gun or rifle. […]