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  • Cigarette Styled Health Warnings For Gun Permits

    Thanks to the approval of a New York City Counsel measure on Tuesday, all citizens applying for a firearm license and/or permit will now receive a warning from the state’s Police Department about the potential repercussions firearms can inflict, including suicide and death. The bill, known as Intro 1724, instructs NYPD officials to to give […]

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  • Should You Expect An Assault Rifle Ban In This State?

    Bad news for Washington – the state’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, is planning on issuing a ban on all assault weapons for the entire state. Ferguson is also wanting another big push on the prohibition of all high-capacity magazines. Ferguson made a similar attempt back in 2016; however, he is adamant that this legislation will […]

  • Brave Man Shoots Back At Texas Shooter

    Another shooting occurred this past Sunday in a small town called Sutherland Springs in Texas. A 26-year-old gunman ran into First Baptist Church, and opened fire, spraying the congregation with bullets. Luckily, there were two members of the community that took action in preventing the shooter from causing even more deaths. One of them began […]

  • 1 in 100 Americans Do This With Guns Everyday

    Here’s some news: a recent study in the American Journal of Public Health states that approximately 3 million people in the nation are carrying a loaded gun every single day. So how did they go about finding these numbers? Researchers from Harvard, the University of Colorado, and the University of Washington conducted an online survey in […]

  • School Hates Photo Of A High-Schooler Holding His Favorite Gun

    High school senior Wade Gelinas is quickly gaining the nation’s attention after his school principle prohibited Gelinas’ senior photo from being put into the school’s yearbook. The reason? Gelinas was holding a rifle in the photo. Gelinas made the decision to pose with the firearm in the photo because he is an avid hunter. He […]

  • Here’s Exactly How American Views On Guns Changed After Vegas

    Most people would think that, in the wake of the recent Las Vegas mass shooting, America would be drastically shifting its views on guns and the regulations surrounding them. After all, the shooter responsible was seemingly of sound mind while he was firing. He had also successfully gone through background checks to own the firearms […]

  • New Study Proves How Useless Gun Laws Are

    One of the loudest and most obnoxious claims that anti-gun leftists make is that more background checks equals less crime and mass shootings. Furthermore, they claim that the more gun laws are in place, the safer civilians are. Unfortunately, the infamous Las Vegas shooting proves that these things are not enough to keep evil at […]