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  • Liberals Are Gonna Freak Over This New Gun Protection Legislation

    Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, has been enduring three days of discussion following the Santa Fe school shooting last month. The end result? A 44-page plan that tightens school security and expands mental health treatment options. Surprisingly, the plan is light on the hot-button issue of gun control. In a recent press conference, Abbott […]

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    Dems Building A Gun Database

    The Crime Gun Tracing Modernization Act introduced to the Senate last month would change how federal regulators track and trace firearms in the country.

  • Pro-gun Students Write To Texas Governor

    A group of 150 students across the Lone Star State wrote Gov. Greg Abbott to urge the Republican to keep gun rights in mind when considering action in the wake of a school shooting in the state.

  • This City Is Being Sued For Passing An Assault Rifle Ban

    Companies are being taken into court and facing legal ramifications (as well as social ramifications) for utilizing gun control. However, a city in the state of Colorado is now about to do the same for its recent gun control decisions. Boulder is now facing a court date, thanks to its recent ban on the possession […]

  • Tragic Mass Shooting Pokes Massive Hole In Gun Control Narrative

    Australia residents are in devastation due to a recent mass shooting. The event took place this week near Margaret River – a town in Western Australia. Seven members of a family lost their lives, including three adults and four children. The event appears to be a murder-suicide. Unfortunately, full details of the event may never […]

  • More Guns Than Ever Found In Airports

    The Transportation Security Administration announced last week the 2017 single-day record for the number of firearms discovered in carry-on bags across the country has been broken.

  • World’s Richest Inventor Makes Surprising Remark about Investing in Gun Companies

    Warren is taking a controversial stance on gun manufacturers, which he was defending on Saturday. Warren still believes his earlier remarks to be true, saying it is “ridiculous” for Berkshire Hathaway to not do business with gun manufacturers. Buffet also said he refuses to impose his political views onto either the conglomerate’s business operations or […]