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  • Like Spending Time Outdoors? These 3 Guns Should Go With You

    Many shooters love the great outdoors, and enjoy being out in the middle of nature. This makes sense, because there’s often nothing more calming, rejuvenating and even therapeutic than enjoying God’s green earth and everything it has to offer. However, what gun-lovers often enjoy even more than that is being able to bring their firearm […]

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    You Want This – The Beretta M9A3

    So far, Beretta’s Model 92 pistol has been the most sought-after firearm of the Beretta line. However, it now has some pretty stuff competition – especially when you’re using it as a survival gun.Meet the brand new Beretta M9A3. This outstanding handgun is the product of a multitude of significant changes to its predecessor: the […]

  • New Tracer Round Blows Minds (And Not Wallets)

    Ammo Incorporated, the company that brought you Jesse James ammo, is now releasing information to the public about a brand new type of ammunition it’s producing. The new product’s official name is Streak Visual Ammunition. Although typical tracers use incendiaries to create a visual aspect to shooting, the Streak Visual Ammo is quite different. Rather, […]

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    4 Of the Coolest Guns Being Given Away Today

    Well, there’s snow on the ground (or will be, for some of us), they’re playing holiday music in the mall, and everyone is searching for gifts. Yep, it’s safe to say that it’s officially the Christmas season. This time of year is perfect for buying a gift for that special someone, for friends, for neighbors, […]

  • Cheap Solution To Make Shooting AR-15s Cheaper

    Tactical Solutions has done it again, offering a brand new combo kit. Its purpose, you ask? To convert an AR-15 upper to a .22 LR. The kit is known as the AR-LT Bolt and Barrel Combo, and it’s sure to make AR-lovers everywhere extremely happy. This type of product is brand new for the company; […]

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    Magpul Releases Groundbreaking New Glock Accessory

    Seems like perfect timing that, just as Christmas rolls around, Magpul introduces a brand new Glock accessory to wow gun lovers everywhere. Announcing the company’s newest product: enhanced Glock magazine wells, compatible with a multitude of Glocks, such as the 17 and 19. The beauty of these new wells is they prevent shooters from experiencing […]

  • These Integrally Suppressed AR-15s Are Straight From Heaven

    Most every shooter loves using a suppressor on an AR-15. And when you think about it, it makes sense. These incredibly additions to your firearm can reduce the sound of every single shot by up to 30 decibels. This means you can use it while hunting or getting in some target practice without having to […]