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  • Droolworthy – Velocity Introduces New Trigger Setup

    Introducing Velocity Triggers‘ newest product: the Marksman Performance Choice. This newest addition to the Velocity Triggers line is an American-made, drop-in trigger assembly that works with your favorite AR-15s. The Marksman Performance Choice contains an extremely beneficial design, featuring removable trigger shoes. Velocity Triggers has put them 1/2 inch further forward. According to the company, […]

  • The Feds Will Hate This New “Sawed-Off” Shotgun

    Good news – the Remington Tac-14 has been a major success. So much so that the popular manufacturer is going in for round two. Introducing the newest firearm that’s sure to blow your mind: the Tac-14 DM…aka “Detachable Magazine.” This incredible forearm features a six-round mag, Raptor pistol grip, and Magpul forend. Plus, it’s good […]

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    This AR-15 Stock Could Change Everything

    Shooters in Close Quarters Battle (CQB) have a massive struggle with their standard equipment and tactics. And that’s because these things are great under normal conditions, but just don’t function well in a close-quarters environment (such as in an alleyway, or in an urban environment). As such, for these situations, shooters all over the world […]

  • Juggernaut Tactical Releases Crazy Cool New Rifle

    Juggernaut Tactical – one of the most popular (and few) firearm manufacturers in California – has just set free their newest addition to the public. The new product? A JTP Precision rifle that chambers 6.5 Creedmoor. This brand new rifle is making long range shooters all over the nation begin to drool – especially since […]

  • Meet The New And Improved Bayonet

    Gun store and parts maker Paper City Firearms — named after its hometown of Holyoke, Massachusetts, the world’s largest center for papermaking — highlighted a new take on the bayonet at last week’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

  • Check Out The Weird New SafeShoot Tool

    If you saw the picture above, you know that that’s an enormous attachment the shooter has on the end of his rifle. But what is it? Why is he using it? And what does it do? Turns out that the device isn’t a radar gun, or anything most shooters have ever seen before…it’s a tracking […]

  • Results On Supreme Court’s Ruling In 3-D Guns May Surprise You

    Many gun owners and gun lovers alike have been eagerly waiting on the Supreme Court’s decision on addressing the issue of 3-D printing firearms. U Unfortunately, it’s looks as though the Supreme Court is rejecting Defense Distributed v. State, and sending the topic “back to the drawing board.” Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed, is […]

  • Remington Rolls Out New Black Belt Ammo

    As the holidays wind down and people head back to work, thoughts of “next purchases” begin to dance around in consumers’ heads. And, for shooters, this often entails temping thoughts of their next box of self-defense cartridges. Truth is, this can be an incredibly hard decision to make. After all, there are tons to choose […]

  • This Accessory Helps Injured Vets Shoot Better

    It is our duty as the American public to recognize and celebrate the incredible sacrifice that our nation’s finest make every single day to make us safe. And, although they deserve the honor and the praise, there is one thing that everyone – from civilians to governments – often overlook. And that is the physical […]

  • Glock Maker Announces Exciting New Release

    Great news for Glock lovers! The popular pistol manufacturer is planning on a very exciting release: a civilian alternative to the 9mm Glock 19 pistol. The company says civilian pistol customers will be able to purchase the gun after its release later this month. Known as the 19X, the civilian model is Glock’s first attempt […]