Category: Gun Gear

  • Why Suppressors Might Be A Waste of Money

    Suppressors (aka silencers) have been getting a ton of publicity lately. If you haven’t been catching up on the news, organizations such as the Hearing Protection Act and SHUSH are working hard to pass bills that will deregulate these gun accessories. If this happens and the bills pass, this act will prevent suppressors from heavy […]

  • How to Make Your Very Own Survival Shotgun

    It’s no surprise to hear that the prices of firearms aren’t going to drastically decline anytime soon. Sure, external factors can certainly play a part in the price-setting of certain firearms. For example, the recent presidential election was one of the primary causes for the steep incline (and then decline) of demand for rifles and […]

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  • This Shows If You Have Enough Guns and Ammo For A Crisis

    Disaster preparedness is one of the key things many people are focusing on right now. Whether it’s due to the current political climate, the state of the economy, or awaiting an impending disaster, many people are stocking up and getting themselves ready for a national (or even global) emergency. Many people in the “survival” world […]

  • Daniel Defense Exciting Integrally Suppressed AR-15

    Daniel Defense has a brand new firearm that’s officially on the market. And it’s making all the other firearms jealous. The new model everyone’s raving about is the brand new DDM4 ISR Gen2. It uses 300 Blackout cartridges, which makes it extra awesome, since these are arguably the hottest ones on the market right now. […]

  • Federal Ammunition unveils Syntech component bullets

    Federal Ammunition now offers the popular American Eagle Syntech Total Synthetic Jacket bullets as components for handloading. Designed to give competition and casual shooters the ability to load Syntech to their own specifications, the bullets are available in three handgun caliber options — 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Boasting an exclusive TSJ polymer jacket that eliminates […]