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  • Mossberg Excites With This New Shotgun

    Good news! Mossberg is expanding its line of 590 Shockwave shotguns, making room for a new and exciting addition. This new pump-action Shockwave shotgun will feature a brand new, low-recoil and lightweight model chambered in 410 Bore. Its 14-inch barrel has the ability to tackle between 2.5 – 3-inch loads, and features a cylindrical bore […]

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    S&W Reviving This Classic Revolver

    Smith & Wesson (S&W) made an announcement on Friday that’s already making classic revolver fans drool. According to S&W, the firearms manufacturing company is choosing to reboot a product line that’s been dormant for quite some time: the highly sought-after Model 19. For years, this classic wheelgun stood as the most prestigious and reliable firearm […]

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  • Legendary Steiner Optics Launches New Laser

    Steiner eOptics has recently been debuting two of its impressive, rail-mounted lasers. They’re the TOR Mini And the TOR Micro. And they’re made to fit in most commercially-made holsters on the market today. This device is built for aiming your handgun laser. And its housing is made from durable military-grade aluminum. In addition, both the housing […]

  • Check Out This Accessory For Smith & Wesson M&Ps

    XTech is well-known for its line of MTX Magazine Extensions. However, the innovative firearms manufacturer is debuting a brand new product. And it’s specifically made for the Smith & Wesson M&P product line. The brand new MTX works well with both the M&P and the full-size M&P 2.0. It also works well with the Caracal Enhanced […]

  • Why are NRA members Blowing Up These Expensive Coolers

    Many National Rifle Association members are taking a stand by blowing up their Yeti coolers with ammo and explosives. Why? The cooler company has made the announcement that it is severing ties with the NRA. And so, in retaliation, members of the NRA are taking down their own personal Yeti coolers the best they know […]

  • Is the SBR Officially Dead?

    SB Tactical has been leading the charge in innovation in regards to AR pistols. After all, the company has made these firearms way more comfortable to shoot, and a heck of a lot more accurate. Not to mention, SB Tactical’s ever-growing line of pistol braces have been critical in helping shooters aim and support their handgun. […]

  • Here’s What Every Glock Owner Needs to Know Before Buying

    As many shooters know, Glocks tend to have a cult-like following. For instance, they have diehard followers that love the brand, and swear by it. They won’t recommend anything else – especially to a new shooter. However, there are others that say the best advice to a new Glock buyer is to not buy the […]

  • Smart Shooters Should Carry These Life Savers

    Americans have been sending our troops into combat for years. And there’s many things the country has been learning through each and every time we’ve done this. One of the most important lessons the our troops have come face-to-face with is that of how to keep people alive. Especially in the midst of severe bleeding. […]

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    Gear Check: Seekins 6.5 CreedMoor

    Firearm lovers rejoice. There’s finally a semi-automatic AR platform in 6.5 Creedmoor that’s both available and reliable. And it’s the Seekins Precision SP10 in 6.5. Why did it take so long to get here? And why aren’t there many more like it? We may never know. However, one thing is for certain. We’re darn lucky […]

  • What Is The .224 Valkyrie And Why Do People Love It So?

    Upon its introduction near the end of 2017, Valkyrie immediately began causing a lot of interest from the gun-loving community. And there’s quite a few reasons why it was causing quite a stir. For one, the Valkyrie has quickly become known as the “best MSR-15 round ever.” This is partly due to the fact that […]