Category: Gun Gear

  • What’s Going To Happen To Bump Fire Stocks?

    In wake of the Las Vegas shooting, Cabela’s and Walmart have both taken bump stocks out of their online catalogs. Old links are still showing up on Google from both retailers advertising the bump stocks. However, clicking Walmart’s links trigger an error message, while clicking on Cabela’s shows the product as “sold out.” It is […]

  • How to Make Your Own 1911

    Defense Distributed is announcing their new, outstanding technology that’s going to revolutionize the way people think about producing 1911s. And liberals are absolutely going to hate it. Thanks to recent advancements in 3D printing technology, Defense Distributed is now able to produce what they call a “ghost 1911.” This idea of 3D printing a gun […]

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  • Crazy Way You Could Print Your Own “Untraceable” Pistol at Home

    For years now, Defense Distributed has been transforming 80% Ar-15 lowers into effective, functional receivers. This has all been done through their genius CNC machine. However, the company is now ready to take on a brand new challenge. Now, they’re focusing on using their same famous process to transform 80% pistol frames – especially 1911s […]

  • Cheap Accessory Protects Expensive Gun Lights

    One of the biggest pains shooters experience is having to replace their expensive gun lights. Thankfully, the company Thyrm is coming out with a new product that will help prevent shooters from shelling out the big bucks for this costly firearm accessory. The new product, known as CLENS, has one sole purpose: to protect flashlight […]

  • Do Suppressors Hurt Accuracy?

    Many shooters absolutely love suppressors. However, despite their abilities, attaching one to your firearm will ultimately reduce accuracy. Why? Because you’re attaching a giant piece of metal (between 0.5 pounds t0 1.5 pounds) to the end of your gun. Doing this will ultimately affect your accuracy. There’s a lot of factors at play when you’re […]

  • Bad News For SilencerCo and Their 50-State Legal Suppressed Gun

    SilencerCo is having a bad week. The suppressor company just came out with its 50-state legal direct-ship muzzleloader suppressor a few days ago. And hopes were high that this suppressor would finally offer a solution to consumers in California, New York, and Illinois. After all, citizens have these states know full-well the the non-law enforcement […]

  • Reviewed – 1 Of The World’s Hottest Red Dots

    Primary Arms offers some of the most popular and affordable optics around. For instance, their 4-14×44 Mil Dot FFP Scope, their 6x scope with .22LR reticle, their 1-6x ACSS scope, and their 2.5X Prism Scope with ACSS Reticle are all great products that many shooters love to use. Sure, these products may not be the most expensive, or the […]