Category: Safety

  • The Truth About Form 4473

    Anyone who’s bought a firearm from a gun shop or gun show knows what Form 4473 is. And, if you’re planning on buying a firearm in the future, you’re going to have to fill it out. Ever year, thousands and thousands of gun lovers fill out this form to obtain a new gun or rifle. […]

  • Black Friday Gun Sale Record

    The FBI certainly has their hands full, seeing as over 200k requests for background checks came through on Friday. Every one of these requests came from hopeful people all across the nation wanting to purchase new guns. This incredibly high amount of requests easily sets a record-high for the number of background check requests sent […]

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  • Really? Chicago PD Thinks This Will Stop Gun Crime

    According to Eddie Johnson, Police Superintendent of Chicago, the best way to stop crime is to take a much harsher stance on regulating Illinois gun dealers. His beliefs stem from data from a recent report, which shows that there are a large amount of guns in crimes that have connections back to licensed gun stores […]

  • Poor Sig Sauer…Yet Another Gun Recall For The Arms Maker

    Certain faulty aspects of some of Sig Sauer’s firearms have been coming to light lately. And, unfortunately, they’re in the midst of another mandatory product recall. This time around, the recall has to do with the company’s Sig 716 DMR, 516 Carbon Fiber, and M400 Predators with two-stage triggers. It has come to the company’s attention […]

  • Shotguns vs Handguns for home defense

    If you were to ask five different self defense instructors about what weapon you should use in your home for personal defense, you’ll likely get five different answers. You can bet though that one will most likely recommend a shotgun and another a handgun, but of the two which is better for you and your […]