Category: Safety

  • One Florida Sheriff Has Amazing Response to School Shootings

    Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd has a new plan to help prevent more mass shootings occurring in schools. His goal: to train and arm school faculty members who volunteer to become “special deputies.” These faculty members will first go through an extensive background check and mental health testing before they will be able to volunteer. […]

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  • Here’s How Trump Plans To Tackle Gun Control

    President Trump has been stating his beliefs on backing the Second Amendment since his campaign. However, he made statements on Monday indicating he was supportive of further legislation around improving the gun-background check system. These statements come in response to last week’s mass shooting in Florida, where 17 people lost their lives to a sadistic […]

  • California’s New Proposed Law Is Absolutely Bonkers

    A California lawmaker is shaking things up by introducing a new bill which some are labeling as “gun control.” However, the bill is very different from previous gun laws. The new legislation seeks to decrease California’s suicide rates by stopping potentially suicidal customers from purchasing a gun. Sounds good so far – however, what’s concerning […]

  • The Truth About Form 4473

    Anyone who’s bought a firearm from a gun shop or gun show knows what Form 4473 is. And, if you’re planning on buying a firearm in the future, you’re going to have to fill it out. Ever year, thousands and thousands of gun lovers fill out this form to obtain a new gun or rifle. […]

  • Black Friday Gun Sale Record

    The FBI certainly has their hands full, seeing as over 200k requests for background checks came through on Friday. Every one of these requests came from hopeful people all across the nation wanting to purchase new guns. This incredibly high amount of requests easily sets a record-high for the number of background check requests sent […]

  • Really? Chicago PD Thinks This Will Stop Gun Crime

    According to Eddie Johnson, Police Superintendent of Chicago, the best way to stop crime is to take a much harsher stance on regulating Illinois gun dealers. His beliefs stem from data from a recent report, which shows that there are a large amount of guns in crimes that have connections back to licensed gun stores […]