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    Shotguns vs Handguns for home defense

    If you were to ask five different self defense instructors about what weapon you should use in your home for personal defense, you’ll likely get five different answers. You can bet though that one will most likely recommend a shotgun and another a handgun, but of the two which is better for you and your […]

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  • Weird Place Police Banned Guns

    Knoxville, Tennessee is home to some of the most gun-loving people on the planet. These citizens have been enjoying their ability to use concealed carry for years, and are some of the most passionate people when it comes to firearms that you may ever meet. Unfortunately, the Knoxville Police are temporarily taking away their right […]

  • This Shows If You Have Enough Guns and Ammo For A Crisis

    Disaster preparedness is one of the key things many people are focusing on right now. Whether it’s due to the current political climate, the state of the economy, or awaiting an impending disaster, many people are stocking up and getting themselves ready for a national (or even global) emergency. Many people in the “survival” world […]

  • 3 Questions All Concealed Carriers Should Know Answers To

    Concealed carry is one of the greatest privileges we have as Americans. Should we choose to accept it, this right to carry a firearm is one of the most powerful and honorable there is. After all, carriers have the unique ability to stop an attacker dead in their tracks. They can even prevent a criminal […]

  • How The Army’s New Pistol Could Accidentally Kill You

    As many Americans know, the Army has chosen a new gun for all its ranks. And, after much deliberation, they have chosen to replace their trusty M9 Service Pistol with the Sig Sauer P320 Handgun. After winning the Modular Handgun System competition in August of 2015, Sig Sauer received a 10-year contract with the Army […]