Category: Shooting

  • Drool Worthy – NightForce Introduces New Optic

    The NX8, the newest NightForce scope series, is causing quite the excitement in the firearms industry. And it’s so cool we’re betting you’ll be drooling over it too once you see it for yourself. These short-to-medium range scopes are the ideal component to your rifle. By offering a 1x magnification, these will keep you on […]

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  • Video – Check Out the World’s Largest Machine Gun Shoot

    Not even 30 days after the horrific Las Vegas shooting took place, two more machine gun shoots took place in the U.S. And these two events were the biggest events in the world. The Knob Creek Range in Kentucky and the Big Sandy range in Arizona were hosts to this year’s events. Hundreds of fully […]

  • This New Bipod Is Pretty Dang Sweet

    As a formidable rifle shooter, sometimes it’s necessary to utilize a steady rest that you can depend on to fire an extremely accurate shot. Luckily, a bipod has everything you need to create that steady rest, so that you can fire confidently and assuredly. This is an amazing asset to use in field conditions. After […]

  • Rifle Optics Must-Knows

    Many shooters hold true to the belief that optic sights are not only necessary, but vital to their success in any situation. And, to be fair, it’s not difficult to understand why. Technology surrounding optics’ capabilities has been ever-increasing, and it seems as though these highly technical (and highly expensive) additions are the end-all be-all […]

  • Brave Man Shoots Back At Texas Shooter

    Another shooting occurred this past Sunday in a small town called Sutherland Springs in Texas. A 26-year-old gunman ran into First Baptist Church, and opened fire, spraying the congregation with bullets. Luckily, there were two members of the community that took action in preventing the shooter from causing even more deaths. One of them began […]

  • Why You Should Learn Rollover Prone

    Learning to shoot from a rollover prone position can be a huge advantage in a variety of situations. However, there’s an art to entering and exiting this position safely and efficiently. Rollover prone position has a few advantages over the regular prone (where you’re laying flat on your stomach). For example, rollover prone allows you […]

  • Use the Dot Torture Test For Improved Accuracy

    Think you have incredible accuracy? Most shooters do. However, unfortunately many of them can’t pass the torturous dot test to prove their skills. Sure, they may hang up any old target and have a go at it. But what they fail to do is to conduct a quality and consistent training schedule and routine. The […]