Category: Shooting

  • Don’t Be This Guy At The Range

    We’ve all been there. We’ve had a moment where we’re at the range (either indoor or outdoor), having a blast firing off round after round with our favorite guns. You take a pause after firing through your magazine. When all of a sudden, some guy (or gal) comes up behind you and says, “Hey can […]

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  • Hog Hunter? See This Now

    Anyone that’s gone hog hunting can say it is quite a unique endeavor. As such, it’s important to recognize there’s certain gear that can help you take your hunting skills to the next level. And usually it’s best to know what that gear is up front to help avoid all that frustrating trial and error. […]

  • How to Get 300 WinMag In a More Compact Package

    The .300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) came into the limelight fairly recently. And, since its arrival, it’s been offering shooters the absolute best when it comes to power and efficiency. The .300 WSM first came onto the market in the year 2000. At first, many shooters were chambering the WSM in their short, light Browning […]

  • Shooting a Pistol In a Can Of Gas

    So here’s an interesting (and pretty stupid) idea. In the video below, Dr. Matt is down on Demolition Ranch. And through very specific means, has come to acquire a pair of green Steyr M9-A1 pistols. First, he tests out the pistols and sees how they fit in his hand. The gun features trapezoid sights. The front […]

  • Never Miss Center Mass Again

    One simple stencil in the shape of a sight picture can ensure you never miss the center mass ever again. If you choose to read any books on self-defense or concealed carry, they’re going to all have one thing on common. They’re all going to contradict each other – and on about 100 different topics. […]

  • Check Out The Weird New SafeShoot Tool

    If you saw the picture above, you know that that’s an enormous attachment the shooter has on the end of his rifle. But what is it? Why is he using it? And what does it do? Turns out that the device isn’t a radar gun, or anything most shooters have ever seen before…it’s a tracking […]

  • Drool Worthy – NightForce Introduces New Optic

    The NX8, the newest NightForce scope series, is causing quite the excitement in the firearms industry. And it’s so cool we’re betting you’ll be drooling over it too once you see it for yourself. These short-to-medium range scopes are the ideal component to your rifle. By offering a 1x magnification, these will keep you on […]