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    Knife-wielding man fatally shot

    A 53-year-old man was fatally shot outside of an auto parts business in Sissonville, West Virginia, Tuesday afternoon, and witnesses say in the minutes leading up to the shooting, the deceased man was acting erratically while wielding several knives.

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  • Check Out This Backpack AR-15

    Let’s be honest about something here. When people ask shooters why they carry pistols in their pockets, it’s because, realistically, they can’t fit ARs in their pants. That’s just fact. One of the biggest disadvantages of loving ARs is that shooters often can’t carry them around. At least, not without dragging a giant, heavy case […]

  • Is .357 Magnum good for deer season?

    Since its invention in the 1930s, the .357 Magnum has been used successfully to game from varmints all the way up to elk and moose. While the .357 Magnum has long since surrendered the title of “world’s most powerful handgun round” to the likes of the .44 Remington Magnum, the .454 Casull, and the .500 […]

  • Crazy! New Suppressor Is 3D Printed

    Suppressors may just be one of the best products in the entire gun industry. These incredible pieces of equipment allow a shooter to fire off round after round, while the suppressor works to silence (or suppress) the sound of the gunshot. As a result, the firearm emits a much quieter noise, and leads to far […]

  • Why Carrying A Spare Mag Isn’t Good

    Many times, shooters are under the impression that carrying a spare magazine with them is a good idea. This belief often stems from the worry that they won’t have enough rounds in the gun if they find themselves in a gun fight. Shooters may also believe they need to bring a spare mag if they […]

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    See How This Glove Turns A Rifle Into a Machine Gun

    Most of us are at least aware that shooting gloves exist. Many shooters believe these are strictly for military or law enforcement use. However, they are actually for civilian use as well. In fact, many shooters find these gloves to be incredibly useful, as they help prevent your hands from getting too cold or frostbitten […]

  • Holy Cow! See The Navy’s New Railgun In Action

    Whoa…the Navy now has a brand new friend that’s going to scare the pants off anyone that comes near it. And you better believe this thing packs an enormous amount of power. The Office of Naval Research has officially (and quietly) released footage of this brand new gun. And it’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever […]